115 Gallant Hairstyles With Bangs – Trendy Highlights In 2022

Is there a better way to freshen your style than going for hairstyles with bangs? Definitely not and most people can attest to this.

Besides, bangs can shed off 5 years of your age and look even younger. Who in their right senses does not want such a magic haircut?

Fringe gives your eyes a pop look, shows off your perfect cheekbone as well as hiding a face problem that you may not want to expose. As long as you get a befitting cut followed by proper drying, you will look magnificent.

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# 1 Wavy Bangs

short bangs style for men

To cover up a wide forehead and play with your thick wavy hair, go for a long bang that covers your eyebrows. This sort of hairstyle is easily finger-combed.


# 2 Shaggy Bangs

men's bangs hairstyle

If you prefer a longer hairstyle, you’ll definitely want a long shaggy bang to go with. They work well with thick tousled locks and can be brushed to the side so they just graze the brows.


# 3 Springy Curls

curly bangs for men

Is your hair naturally curly? Even springy curls can be tamed with a shorter haircut and bangs. Leave them long for a mature look and nix frizz by working in hair oil.


# 4 Long and Straight

men's bangs hairstyle

Get that emo/hipster look by straightening your bangs and combing them off to the side. You can even add layers and platinum blonde color for personality.


# 5 Layered

emo bangs for men

Starting from one side, layer the bangs so they go from short to long. The long part will subtly hang across the forehead – it’s great for framing and drawing attention to your eyes!


# 6 Shaggy-n-Short Layered

Shaggy-n-Short Layered

The shaggy style cannot be ignored for those who want to look wild and ready to party. Added with fringe, the style gives you an accomplished look.

The sides are trimmed while the top is left to go wild with curly waves. You can bring forth some of the strands to completely cover one cheek while you leave the other free.


# 7 Mid-Front Crown

Mid-Front Crown

The crown style is still popular among many people and you can have it for your next cut.

With the mid-front crown, the sides are shaved clean leaving a part rising from the neck to the front. The crown is lifted from mid of the top head and let to fall between the eyebrows.


# 8 Simple Side Sweep

Simple Side Sweep

With both sides shaved clean, the side sweep with short bangs will give you a rocking look. The fringe can go as far as just 0.5 inches from the eyebrows.

The ends are left to curve towards the inside to give it a nice edge at the end of the sweep.


# 9 Medium Side Sweep

Medium Side Sweep

The side sweep comes in all sizes. If you do not want a short or the longer version, you are good to go with the medium one.

As usual, the sides are trimmed considerably while the top forms ascension from the back. The front elongated tips are swept from one end of the face to the other and allowed to fall as low as the ear level.


# 10 Shiny Horizontal Sweep

Shiny Horizontal Sweep

For those who want to keep a glossy look with a seemingly short hair, the shiny horizontal sweep is their style.

A parting line is drawn from one end of the forehead and the longer sweep is dragged to fall onto the opposite side. Both sweeps are given a fine-tooth combing to leave a glossy appearance.


# 11 Curly Long Bob

Curly Long Bob

This is a wild style that leaves your head thick with long curls dropping to your shoulder level. The bangs are added to the front to give a smoother tone within the curly mix.


# 12 Brown Chop

Brown Chop

This is an easy going style that will let your brown medium sized hair make the side waves it wants.

You can part it on one side and comb each side downwards. On the front the bangs can be dropped almost to one of the eyebrows leaving the other in the clear.


# 13 Top Fry & Curly Bangs

Top Fry & Curly Bangs

The top fry requires that you shave clean the sides and pull forward the top patch to extend it beyond the end of a forehead.

The fringe is left to fall free to reach your eyebrows. It is left entangled in curls thus giving your style a wild look.


# 14 Top Mop & Slanted Bangs

Top Mop & Slanted Bangs

The top mop is already a great hairstyle but with slanting fringe it looks more appealing and complete.

The sides are smoothed backwards while the top thick patch is drawn forwards and then the tips from one side elongated towards the opposite side of the face.


# 15 Scattered Top

Scattered Top

The hair is let to grow from almost the drop of the back head. Some groups of strands grow forwards, backwards and sideways.

They are set to fall freely to their natural direction. At the front, the bangs go as far as the eye level but leaving spaces for clear view.


# 16 Long Tousles

Long Tousles

If you like long hair with no interference with your forehead, the long tousles are the real deal for you. The hair is allowed into a free fall to almost the shoulder level and then curved outwards at the edges.


# 17 Permed Sweep

Permed Sweep

No other style can achieve the wild appeal as the permed sweep. The hair is parted from one side and a sweep draw from there to the other side.

It is left in natural curls. The bangs are brought to the front of the eye on the side of the sweep.


# 18 Parted Top

Parted Top

The top part is divided from one end of the forehead with a straight line that ends before the fall into the back head.

It is then allowed to fall to the other side and 2-3 curled bangs are created with the first on top of the eye position.


# 19 Golden-Silver Short

Golden-Silver Short

Golden and silver mop are top hairstyle trends that gives you an exotic look. The lower sides are trimmed slightly while the rest is dragged to a forwards arc.

The front end is finished with short fine-combed fringe that ends just before they reach the eyebrows.


# 20 Thick Quiff

Thick Quiff

The thick quiff is a trendy style for those who want to keep long hair without showing it to be. It is even given a better look with a few bangs that seem to be heading back to the quiff once they reach the forehead.


# 21 Wild Thin Strands

Wild Thin Strands

A group of thin strands can create an impression of sparse hair while in the reality it is thick. These locks are let to roll and form shapes all around the head.

At the front, they fall to the eye level and they cannot block view since they are thin.


# 22 Crossing Top Waves

Crossing Top Waves

Shaved sides with a wavy mop at the top create a great look. The waves emanate from the center of the top part forming parallel waves.

At the front, the waves from both the cross sides are allowed to fall halfway the forehead.


# 23 Silver-Grey Wild Sweep

Silver-Grey Wild Sweep

This is a free wild hairdo that is popular with rock music artists and fans. The sweep is drawn almost from beyond the half of the other side and crosses to the opposite side but does not go with a smooth curve.

At the forehead, a few groups of strands are graduated into bangs that completely cover the view of the eye.


# 24 Curly Top

Curly Top

Natural or temporary curls have a way of finding themselves into every top hairstyle.

The curly top with fringe has the side hair bundled into smooth folders while the top is left to make its coils. It is touched at one end of the top into sparse bangs which fall slightly above the eye.


# 25 Messy Medium Waves

Messy Medium Waves

The top wavy hair is drawn to one side and instead of falling it is left pointing slightly to the ear.

The other side is combed backwards creating a direct contrast and an interesting look. A few bangs are formed near the front of the top side with waves.


# 26 Forwards Mop

Forwards Mop

With the sides trimmed so as to seem like they are tucked under the top thick mop, the forwards mop is an elegant style.

The top thick mop is combed forwards and falls slightly above both eye levels almost touching the lashes of one of the eyes.


# 27 Frosty Brown

Frosty Brown

This is a style left to do its twisting on top with the sides trimmed to give a smooth contrast.

The tangled frosts are directed to one side of the eye and the bangs cover one of the eyes lashes but do not block the view. Some point forwards while others point to the sides.


# 28 Falling Mohawk

Falling Mohawk

A Mohawk is conventionally supposed to be stiff but the falling Mohawk does not adhere to this ancient rule.

It instead falls towards one side but not entirely. At the front, there are tips which an extended up to the nose point thus forming a collection of nicely crafted bangs.


# 29 Bombshell Side Sweep

Bombshell Side Sweep

The side where the sweep begins is shaved to almost an inch length and then combed into a smooth downward lining.

The sweep is drawn to the other side with a trivial tilt towards the front. This tilt helps in bringing forth a fringe which falls directly before the eye on the side of the sweep.


# 30 Disguised Undercut

Disguised Undercut

Naturally, an undercut forms a circular impression. The disguised undercut is rather a thick top patch that is let to grow towards the front with all its wavy tangles.

The sides are combed downwards or trimmed to a low lying effect. At the front, the waves are brought together to form a group of bangs which fall to the level of the eyebrows.


# 31 Surf Rocking Crop

Surf Rocking Crop

It can be said to fall into the class of the sweep but it is more than just that. The top hair patch is drawn from one side and left hanging on the other side.

One or two groups of strands are titled towards the front to constitute the banging effect. Justin Bieber is one popular star that pulls up this style very well.


# 32 Boho Free Waves

Boho Free Waves

The free waves are not going anywhere soon for men who like to keep their long hair feeling the wind. The hair is let to grow in all directions with tangles and curls.

The only touch is given at one of the front sides where a few bangs are created to finish the free spirit of this style.


# 33 Ready & Steady

Ready & Steady

Ready and steady look is composed of trimmed sides with medium sized top pulled towards the front. The top is firm hence the term steady.

At the forehead, a few extensions are made to constitute short bangs which do not go beyond an inch after the hairline.


# 34 Scattered Top with Spiky Sides

Scattered Top with Spiky Sides

All the hair is combed towards the front and the sides are given a smooth trim to make them bundled.

The tips of the top hair are extended beyond the front hairline to form fine racing fringe dangled above and between the eyebrows.


# 35 Hipster Style

Hipster Style

The look of a hipster is a coveted hairstyle. The sides are lined to a smooth plane while the top is left with wavy or curl waves pointing to different directions.

The front waves are grouped into fringe hence giving it a fantastic finish. It is better when the top is kept in medium size for the bangs and waves to remain stout.


# 36 Black-Speckled Locks

Black-Speckled Locks

The sides are trimmed, combed downwards and touched with a graying dye. The black top is touched with small patches of black and combed forward.

It is extended to cover almost 3-quarters of the space between the front hairline and the eyebrows to form a thick line of a fringe.


# 37 Super Free Curls

Super Free Curls

It starts by letting your hair do the natural thing: curling. The top curls form aggressively while the sides can be trimmed for fine distinction.

A few of the curls on one side can be transformed into fine bangs to give it a sleek finish.


# 38 Glam Golden

Glam Golden

The golden glam with white extensions is a view to behold. The sides are trimmed to a fine finish and dyed white-grey.

Top golden glam is moved towards the front to cover half of the bare space between the end of front hairline and the eyebrows.


# 39 Long Black Side Sweep

Long Black Side Sweep

The sides are shaved to half an inch from the scalp. The top thick layer is bundled into thick rolls which are pulled backwards.

One of the smaller bundles is allowed to fall sideways thus forming a banging impression.


# 40 Free Wind Top

Free Wind Top

The top is left to keep growing into thick strands entangled to form a mixture of straight and slanted waves. At the front, some thin waves are drawn towards the side to form dazzling bangs.


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Do not leave your locks looking ordinary. Hairstyles with bangs can give you a refreshed and trend defining additions. There is so much to offer and you will definitely find something that would work wonders for you.

Forget about the dull style that you have been stuck with for years and go for bangs that will allow you to have a new style whenever you want one.