110 Gallant Hairstyles With Bangs – Trendy Highlights In 2019

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Is there a better way to freshen your style than going for hairstyles with bangs? Definitely not and most people can attest to this. Besides, bangs can shed off 5 years of your age and look even younger. Who in their right senses does not want such a magic haircut? Fringe gives your eyes a pop look, shows off your perfect cheekbone as well as hiding a face problem that you may not want to expose. As long as you get a befitting cut followed by proper drying, you will look magnificent.

# 1 Shaggy-n-Short Layered

Shaggy-n-Short Layered

The shaggy style cannot be ignored for those who want to look wild and ready to party. Added with fringe, the style gives you an accomplished look. The sides are trimmed while the top is left to go wild with curly waves. You can bring forth some of the strands to completely cover one cheek while you leave the other free.

# 2 Mid-Front Crown

Mid-Front Crown

The crown style is still popular among many people and you can have it for your next cut. With the mid-front crown, the sides are shaved clean leaving a part rising from the neck to the front. The crown is lifted from mid of the top head and let to fall between the eyebrows.

# 3 Simple Side Sweep

Simple Side Sweep

With both sides shaved clean, the side sweep with short bangs will give you a rocking look. The fringe can go as far as just 0.5 inches from the eyebrows. The ends are left to curve towards the inside to give it a nice edge at the end of the sweep.

# 4 Medium Side Sweep

Medium Side Sweep


The side sweep comes in all sizes. If you do not want a short or the longer version, you are good to go with the medium one. As usual, the sides are trimmed considerably while the top forms ascension from the back. The front elongated tips are swept from one end of the face to the other and allowed to fall as low as the ear level.

# 5 Shiny Horizontal Sweep

Shiny Horizontal Sweep


For those who want to keep a glossy look with a seemingly short hair, the shiny horizontal sweep is their style. A parting line is drawn from one end of the forehead and the longer sweep is dragged to fall onto the opposite side. Both sweeps are given a fine-tooth combing to leave a glossy appearance. 

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