70 Remarkable Jared Leto Haircuts – Become a Trendsetter

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# 6 Long, Parted Blonde Hair

Jared Leto adds plenty of length to a blonde hair. The hair is parted at the middle top and let to gracefully rest on the shoulders. A black beard and mustache add a dark shade that contrasts well with the lighter blonde hair.

# 7 Slicked Back Pink Hair

Here, Jared Leto experiments with pink color for his hair. He dyes his textured hair pink and slick it back to fully reveal the outline of his face. The hair connects with the beard line that is trimmed short and let to maintain its natural color.

# 8 Dark Burgundy-inspired Mohawk

The trendy Mohawk style finds itself in Jared Leto’s long list of haircuts. This is a burgundy-inspired Mohawk that features a dark red hue. This haircut creates the illusion of an elongated face and goes well with short beards.

# 9 Short Ponytail with Thick Beards

Jared Leto gives a casual look to his texturized hair by incorporating a short ponytail to match. He leaves his beards to grow thick in order to connect well with his long hair. The hair is slicked back to fully expose his face.

# 10 Silky Smooth Cropped Hair

Jared Leto adds style to his long, slick hair by cropping it. It pays close resemblance to a side flipped bang that hangs just below the right eyebrow. The hair on the left side is layered and scarcely exposes the ear. The hair is cut to rest on the back.

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