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50 Trendy Justin Bieber Magical Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

Justin Bieber blonde hair is one of the most common things that his fans like to talk about because it looks very distinct.

Over the years, he has tried different colors and styles but every time he goes blonde he seems to draw a lot of attention.

Although there are several reasons for this the fact is that he looks good with blonde hair and it also gives him more styling options.

A glance at 50 of his best blonde hairstyles should explain why he likes to keep them and also why many of his followers love it when he goes blonde.

# 1 Magical Platinum

The choice of color in this headdress is exquisite because platinum blonde is not only a unique shade but a very classy one.

In this style, he enhances its appearance with tapered sides and a creative swoop of his short bangs to the back and sides from a soft part line.


# 2 Funky Light Blonde

Although the shade in this headdress is a typical light blonde hue, the styling and haircut make the design look stunning.

The cut involves tapering the sides and back just like most other Justin Bieber hairdos. However, the styling is a little inventive, and it includes sweeping the bangs to the side smoothly.


# 3 Messy Bleach Blonde

Here he goes for bleach rather than the obvious dye job, and this seems to work well for him. The messy styling is also cool, and it adds some detail to his overall appearance.


# 4 Mussed and Tapered

Justin Bieber never seems to get enough of tapering because almost all his haircuts have tapered sides and back.

Although this is one of the things that make this design elegant it also has a relaxed style that involves making the strands slightly messy.


# 5 Extended Choppy Dreads

The cut on this headdress is amazing, and it gives his locks an incredible texture that makes them look like dreadlocks.

They also have a subtle blonde shade, and they are longer than his usual bangs, and he finishes the look by pushing them forward.


# 6 The Gentleman Slick Back

Bieber is very experimental, and he tries various looks from time to time. Here he has a blonde tone and short locks, and he designs them into a slick back with a side part, and this gives him an attractive gentleman look.


# 7 Front Side Sweep

This style maintains a couple of inches at the front and with his typical tapered sides and back. However, the center of attraction in the design is the light blonde shade and the simple side sweep of the front locks.


# 8 Slicked Retro Look

Blonde hair has been in trend for many years and in this hairdo, Bieber draws inspiration from an old-school look. He has some long bangs on the crown and short sides, and he styles them with a retro slick back.


# 9 Side Swept Bangs with Darkened Roots

Darkening the roots helps to create contrast in any headdress, and it forms a top notch pattern like in this style.

Apart from this contrast he also has some long textured bangs that he styles by sweeping them to one side.


# 10 Spiky Sleek with Undercut

The tone on of this hair is not a pure blonde since it also has a melt of light brown. These two shades create a unique shade, but the hair also has a lovely cut that involves making the locks slight spiky and brushing them over the undercut.


# 11 Tousled Locks

This style is simple, and it works well for Bieber due to its fresh and clean appearance.

It is perfect for a formal event, and it has an attractive blend of blonde and light brown that gives it some class and takes the appearance a notch higher.


# 12 Wavy and Slicked Blondie

Most of Bieber’s hairdos are short on the sides and long at the top but what makes him look distinct is how he styles his locks.

In this design, he slicks back the long locks but he also makes them wavy, and this makes a huge difference to his overall appearance.


# 13 Silver Gray Pony

A hint of silver gray on long blonde strands makes a huge difference as it helps to create a distinct tone.

In this style, the shade looks even more attractive than others because Bieber also styles his hair inventively with a cute ponytail.


# 14 Textured and Free Flowing Dreads

This hairstyle helps Bieber to break away from his traditional long top, and short sides look. Here he keeps some medium length textured locks that he styles into some free flowing dreads to create a unique headdress.


# 15 Smooth and Classic

This headdress is another one that takes inspiration from classic gentleman looks.

It maintains medium length locks and he relaxes them with gel and brushes them back smoothly to create an impressive formal look. The light brown shade is also vital, and it helps to enhance his look.


# 16 The Brush Back

This style is as simple as it can get but it has a lovely shade that involves introducing a golden tone on blonde locks to make them shiny. And with such a beautiful color a simple brush back is enough to create a top notch look.


# 17 A Touch of Class

Bieber almost never goes wrong with his appearance, and he always has a way to give his looks a touch of class.

In this design, he achieves this by darkening his roots slightly and also by making the locks textured. He finishes the style with a simple sweep to the sides.


# 18 Modern Pompadour

This style gets inspiration from a classic pompadour, but it has a modern touch that comes from messing it up slightly. However, the color is also amazing, and it is a bright light blonde with a uniform tone throughout.


# 19 Flawless Blonde

There is nothing fancy about this style, and so the color makes all the difference, and it is also what makes Bieber look magnificent.

His choice of blonde is flawless, and it brightens up his appearance and makes him look very trendy.


# 20 Trendy Shag Cut

Even with such a lovely shade Bieber still needs to style his strands innovatively to create a top notch look.

He achieves this by making them slightly shaggy and slicking the sides so that they may appear shorter than the top.


# 21 Sweet Chunk Locks

It is hard to tell the precise shade of blonde on these locks because it looks very distinct. However, this is because he spices it up with a light brown hue. His chunky dreads are also fantastic, and they work perfectly with this color.


# 22 Bieber’s Dreadlocks

Justin Bieber has a beautiful face and perfect hair, and this gives him the freedom to wear anything and still look amazing.

Here he has some long strands on the crown that he twists into dreadlocks, but he keeps the back and sides short. However, the dreads would not look this charming without the blonde shade.


# 23 Upscale Waves

Although this hair is shorter than most of the others, it still makes him look fabulous because it has a perfect styling and color.

The style is a simple long top and short sides, but the long strands have some waves with the back and sides having a fade. And the color is a blonde with a blend of brown.


# 24 Neat Side Bangs

The color pattern in this design is fabulous, and it involves transitioning from dark brown roots to a light brown hue on the lower half of the hair.

This design also has a neat haircut that involves chopping the strands into some textured bangs that you should style by sweeping to the side.


# 25 Charming Ponytail

In this style, Bieber proves that you do not have to keep long locks to wear a ponytail. He creates an attractive pony with some short strands, and it looks charming.

However, the soft blonde shade of the hair also plays a vital role in making this an attractive headdress.


# 26 Gold Toned Locks

Justin Bieber likes to break away from the norm or his usual hairdos, and this style is a perfect example of this.

He keeps longer locks than usual and styles them by sweeping them to the sides. However, the golden hue of the locks is what sets the look apart from the rest.


# 27 Short and Spiky Strands

The light brown shade in this style is amazing, and it has a sweet hint of blonde that gives the strands a lovely tone.

However, its cut is also splendid, and it involves chopping the strands short to create some attractive spikes that she finishes with a slick back.


# 28 Stunning White Blonde

White blonde is a lovely shade and in most cases it is enough to create a classy hairdo. In this style, it makes all the difference because the strands have a small trim, and they do not have any fancy styling.


# 29 Gorgeous Casual Bangs

This hairdo has an outdoor feel, and it makes this young superstar look fantastic. Apart from the perfectly chopped and textured locks the darkened roots and the light brown shade of the hair are the other things that make this an outstanding design.


# 30 Medium Length Blonde Side Sweep

The shaggy look in this style is eye-catching, and it makes his hair look very natural.

However, it would not look this good without the medium length size and light blonde tone. The side sweep is also vital, but he has to make it messy to get this look.


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Bieber is one of the most recognizable faces in this generation, and he is also a trendsetter. The above 50 Justin Bieber blonde hair designs are just a few examples of his perfect hairdos.

And as he continues to grow in the industry and status, we will probably see more and more stunning blonde looks from him.