70 Sweet Fantastic Little Boy Haircuts – Charming Ideas

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# 11 Textured Haircut

This short boy haircut will be more appreciated by busy moms as they will not have to spend a lot of time each day trying to make their little boy look sharp. It is a no-fuss style that involves keeping the hair at the sides and back short and the top hair slightly longer. The most vital thing you need to do in this style is to make sure that your son gets the right cut. The barber should use №4 clipper on the back and sides and either 6 or 7 on the top. After the cut use some pomade or wax to style the hair.

# 12 Business Class Little Boy Haircut

This style is suitable for little boys with an oval, triangular or square face and it will make your boy look well-groomed. It also looks good on any hair type regardless of how thick or thin it may be. You can easily give your boy this style without necessarily visiting the barber shop, but it is important to have the hairs trimmed to a uniform size before giving your boy this style. All you need to do is apply smoothing lotion on the hair till it dampens and then use a brush to sweep it from the sides towards the back. You can also finish the style with some nice hairspray.

# 13 The Dashing Medium Length Cut

This style is super cute especially when worn by boys who have medium length hair. It starts with tapering around the neck and ears and then the hair length is blended in with the top being left with longer hair. A comb should then be used to get a nice part when the hair is still wet and then finished with a hold product such as wax or gel.

# 14 Choppy Kiddie Haircut

You can get the Choppy Kiddie Haircut by applying texturizing lotion generously on the hair then brushing the hairs on the crown forward then sweep them to the sides. The Choppy cut is best suited for kids with square or oval face shapes and a fine or medium hair.

# 15 Shaggy Style

Shaggy hairstyles look great even when worn by adults, but this particular style is more juvenile with some nice bangs. To get this style right you should keep things whimsical by leaving long layers and naturally shaggy locks around the ear. Textured bangs should fall just above your boy’s eye to make sure that you can still see his lovely eyes. This being a medium to thick hairstyle it is better suited for boys with round faces and fine hair texture with no wave or curl.

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