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Men’s medium hairstyles are among the latest trends that are gaining popularity across the globe. Irrespective of individual’s race, hair type, color, and religious affiliation, medium hairstyles are becoming more acceptable in all spheres. Ability to customize the hairstyle makes it more popular with a variety of applicable styles giving an opportunity for each to create own identity. It helps boost self-esteem alongside other individual traits.

# 1  Side-Shaved Haircut with a Comb Over

Ideal for those wishing to exhibit their masculinity, the style involves balancing the hair length. It involves shaving the sides leaving long hair of the desired length that can be easily combed to either side of the head. Leaving long beard compliments the masculine look of the style. It is an ideal style for persons involved in sports and need to give a better display of individuals masculinity.

# 2 Curly Thick Locks

Giving the hair a natural outlook, curly thick locks brings out a sexy outlook on the man. To ensure a more natural feeling, it is important not to weigh the curls with loads of hair products and this helps maintain the hair as it is evident that every woman loves to run her hands over such hair while scruffy beards are a compliment to the style. It’s an ideal style that also works well with varying hair colors.

# 3 Backcombed Hair

Soft hair is in certain instances difficult to manage. While even wind can distort light hair designs, this comes as an ideal choice that helps maintain the chosen style. Adding soft blonde highlights is a compliment that still looks great after the hair turns into golden tips. Waxing the hair is important to hold the hair in place and avoid distortions.

# 4 Layered Cut

Considered a style fit for bad boys, layered cut offers both thin and thick hair with a perfect outlook. Depending on individual’s hair type, a hair stylist will always advise on the best approach to have this style. It is an acceptable style in both casual and official settings hence an ideal choice that is easy to customize.

# 5 Short Ponytail with a Beard

Considered a male hipster uniform, this style when enhanced with a beard is more appealing. It is an ideal choice for sportsmen that depict a cool personality behind the aggressive sporty body. Despite the schoolgirl outlook exhibited by a ponytail, it is a reliable style that can be embraced beyond borders. It is an easy and cheap way to maintain medium length hair.

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