60 Effortless Slicked Back Undercut Styles – Easy to Create

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# 6 Golden Slick Back

Golden Slick Back


Color can also make a huge difference on your headdress, and this style proves this beyond any doubt. Here the design maintains some wavy strands on the crown and an undercut on the sides. The introduction of a dazzling golden brown shade to the strands makes the haircut look very adorable.

# 7 Feathered Clipper Cut

An undercut always makes any hairstyle look stunning and in this design it has a beautiful skin fade and a hard part line. And if you combine this with the feathered clipper cut bangs on the crown you will have a fantastic headdress.

# 8 Gelled and Slicked

The quality gel on this hair makes all the difference as it makes it easy to sweep back the strands diagonally and neatly. This haircut also has some tapered sides that combine with the brushed top to create a lovely design.

# 9 Effortless Faux Hawk

You do not need to do much to create this beautiful faux hawk hairdo. A simple undercut in a small portion on each side and leaving some long strands in the middle is enough. However, you also need to style the long strands with a simple brush back.

# 10 Wavy Top and Tapered Sides

The upswept wavy locks at the front of this haircut look incredible. However, the style would not be complete without the side parts and the skillful tapering on the sides.

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