40 Fascinating Tom Hardy’s Beard Styles – Dreadful Daredevil

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Tom Hardy’s beard is an upcoming legend. From the first time, we saw Tom Hardy in Black Hawk Down we knew he was going to be a star. Not only is he a fine actor and director, but he has also become a fashion icon. Tom has his own unique style which is slightly rebellious and he’s great at playing the bad boy. He’s a handsome man and various styles suit him when it comes to facial hair, however, he is able to wear a full beard exceptionally well – let’s see some of his styles:

# 1 Rugged Facial Hair

Here Tom is wearing a full beard and moustache that has a slightly rugged look. That is because the growth on the face has not been well defined with razor lines. His moustache reaches just over the top lip and has been grown into the beard.

# 2 Period Style

In this picture, he has a medium length, full beard that continues until just under the chin. The hair covers the lower portion of his face with just a small patch of bare skin around the soul patch.

# 3 Hunky Hardy

Beards look very handsome when combined with a close razor cut hairstyle just like Tom has here. You can tell his beard is well maintained and soft, with just a few grey hairs on the chin – making him look distinguished as well.

# 4 Sculpted and Sensual

Here Tom is wearing his moustache slightly shorter than in the previous pictures and it helps to draw attention to his lips. The rest of his beard is well defined along the edges and has been allowed to grow into the neck area.

# 5 Busy Beard

Being an actor and producer keeps him busy and that’s why Tom prefers classic no-fuss styling. In this picture, his beard is trimmed neatly to a uniform length with the moustache just hugging the lip. He’s teamed this look with a simple slicked back hairstyle. 

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