85 Incredible Wavy And Curly Hairstyles – Find Your Own Style

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Men with naturally wavy or curly locks have a significant advantage over those with other types of hair especially when it comes to styling. This is because their natural mane is already a distinctive hairstyle and just by leaving it as it is you will still look exquisite. However, a man can never stick with one hairstyle for long, and so this has led to the development of many wavy and curly hairstyles as men experiment with these beautiful types of hair. If you are one of the men with these types of hair, then the following are 85 different hairstyles that you can try.

# 1 Short Wavy Blond with Undercuts

Wavy and Curly Hairstyles 83


This hairstyle demonstrates just how easy it is to work with wavy strands. In this style, the blond and natural hair is trimmed at the top section to leave a medium length and then given some nice undercuts to finish a simple but elegant style. You can wear the style on any wavy hair even if it is not blond in color, but the blond hair looks best.

# 2 Medium and Messy

Men who prefer to wear longer hairstyles are best suited for this look. This particular style leaves a uniform locks length throughout the head, and there are no visible undercuts. The hair is then made slightly messy, but it can still be left with the curls without any styling as it will still look splendid.

# 3 Long and Natural

Wearing this style will make you look like you have just come out of bed but this natural look is what makes it beautiful. This long curly hairstyle looks great, and the wearer does nothing at all to style it. The much that should be done to get this style (besides from letting the hairs grow long) is probably to push it back with your fingers.

# 4 Smooth and Long Waves

The smoothness of the strands in a style is one of the main things that make it look great since the rest is just natural hair. If your mane is not smooth, then you can use a hair product to smoothen it and maybe to give it a shine. After this just take a comb and use it to push back your smooth wavy locks.

# 5 Long Blond Wavy with a Side Part

Length, color, and the waves are the three things that make this style perfect. Add this perfection to a minor side part that creates a beautiful look for the front hairs and you have a magnificent look. To make things even much better, it is paired with long facial hairs.

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