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The short haircuts for men will always be in style, despite the coming of many other hairstyles. The short haircut is the most preferred hairstyle for men globally due to many reasons. Top on the list is the fact that this hairstyle is very easy to maintain and clean. Other reasons are because it is considered sexy and also the fact that there are many types of short haircuts to choose from.

There are many types of short haircuts around the world. In fact, it would be impossible to give an accurate number to the types of short haircuts for men since new ones are always being invented and old ones given new twists. However, the following are some of the most popular short haircuts for men.

# 1 Caesar Haircut

The Caesar Haircut is suitable or ideal for men or boys who have broad foreheads or long faces. It is also a great hairstyle for people who have premature balding as it brings the hair forward and hence detracting attention from the bald or sparse patches. Overall the Caesar haircut involves leaving longer bangs on the top that are swept frontwards to cover the forehead.

# 2 Angular Fringe

The angular fringe is achieved with tapered sides, and the top hair left long and cut in a stylish angle. This short men haircut has been popularized by models in the last few years, and it can be worn by men of all face shapes. However, it is best suits round face men. The most important element of this style is the angle cut, and so you should make sure that your barber gets it right.

# 3 The Disconnected Pompadour

Men Pompadour has been around for a while now, and it is currently one of the trendy hairstyles. In the disconnected pompadour hair is faded on the sides or clipped close and faded on the sides. The top is kept long and voluminous to complete this look. This style looks good on Latino, Asian and Caucasian men.

# 4 Crew Cut

There are many ways to trim the crew cut, and this is perhaps one of the main reasons why men adore it. The most common cut is where the hair remains long at the top and fades in the sides and back into the same level of the connected facial hairs. Men with rounder faces should go for the crew cut.These men should also have the barber leave a longer hair at the top to frame their face because this makes it look slimmer.

# 5 Brushed Up


Although this style still qualifies to be called a short haircut, the hairs are longer than in most other types of cuts. However, the hair at the back and sides is shorter than what is at the top of your head. But this hairstyle can still be adopted for shorter hair with a little creativity. This haircut is easy to style and is suitable for people with any hair type and face shape.

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