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Weston McKennie Hairstyles: A Closer Look

Weston James Earl McKennie, a name widely known in the world of soccer, is also renowned for his unique style off the pitch, particularly the ‘Weston McKennie hairstyle’.

This Washington-born professional soccer player’s dynamic hair trends have drawn as much attention as his powerful performances on the field.

Playing for the Italian giant Juventus and representing the United States in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, McKennie is celebrated for his versatility in midfield positions.

Despite his youth, McKennie has already bagged multiple trophies and awards with his club, national team, and even individually, including the 2020 U.S. Soccer Player of the Year. Beyond his football skills, his distinctive hairstyle stole the spotlight during the World Cup.

In this guide, we’re going to delve into the specifics of the Weston McKennie hairstyle, highlighting what makes it unique. So, let’s get started!

Does Weston McKennie’s Hairstyle Have a Name?

Weston McKennie afro hairstyle

Not all hairstyles have names, as they can be an extension of the wearer’s personality. However, many haircuts do have names or are similar to standardized cuts, and that’s the case with Weston McKennie’s hairstyle.

Ideally, Weston Mckennie rocks a fairly standard faded afro. In this haircut, the hair is faded from a clean shave on the sides and increases in volume and length as you go to the top of the head.

However, Weston McKennie went the extra mile and defined both the sides and the temple of the head while changing the color of only one-half of the top.

Does Weston McKennie Change His Hairstyle?

Weston McKennie afro hair with blonde streak

Weston McKennie is known for changing his hairstyle quite often. During his early days in the German Club “Schalke 04”, McKennie rocked a variety of hairstyles, including small afros, high-top fades, afro locks, and many more.

However, since he moved to Juventus, he has maintained his signature look of afro fade, especially with a blond streak on his left top side.

However, the moment that really caught the attention of the media is when he dyed the same part red, white, and blue ahead of the USMNT’s opening match against Wales in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Weston McKennie Afro Hair with red, white and blue dye

Weston McKennie also experiments with facial hair styles, which goes a long way in completely transforming his looks, ranging from small goatees and faded beards to mustaches and even clean shaves.

Is Weston McKennie’s Haircut Natural?

The answer here depends mainly on the hairstyle in question, as McKennie’s hairstyle is naturally curly, which allows him to pull off various styles naturally, such as afros.

However, when it comes to McKennie’s signature look and other faded styles, the answer is simply no, as these hairstyles require careful grooming with clippers and scissors to achieve the look. 

Not only that, but McKennie also uses hair dye to change the color of his hair and create the iconic streaks on his head.

Due to the quality of McKenzie’s hair, he typically doesn’t need product or hair spray to maintain this look, but someone with wavy hair might need some to hold it in.

Weston McKennie haircut

Weston McKennie is typically known for his trendy hairstyles that make the player recognizable from a distance, whether you’re watching from the stadium or the TV.

However, McKennie’s hairstyle went viral after his 2022 World Cup hairdo, which had many online websites, pages, and magazines talking about him. 

This includes sports-dedicated websites like USA Today’s Pro Soccer and reputable newspapers like the British Daily Mail.

The reception of the hairstyle was quite mixed, as some soccer fans liked it and found the hairstyle quite patriotic while others mocked him for the bold color choices.

For instance, the French Midfielder Paul Pogba joked about his haircut, saying that McKennie is supporting France with those colors (because of their arrangement, which is exactly similar to the French flag).

7News even compiled a variety of online comments, tweets, and memes of social networks’ reception of McKennies’s viral hairstyle between lovers and haters.

Who Is Weston McKennie’s Haircut Good for?

Whether you’re interested in trying the standard or the bold versions of McKennie’s haircut, you might be wondering whether you have the hair to pull it off.

Like other hairstyles, some hair types are better suited for such a style than others. However, the main requirement to pull off this look perfectly is having heavily curly hair.

Someone with wavy hair might be able to get this hairstyle. However, we recommend trying other styles that might be a better alternative in that case, as maintaining this style without soft, wavy hair requires a lot of product and continuous upkeep.

Can You Do Weston McKennie’s Haircut at Home?

how to do Weston McKennie haircut at home

Technically, you can pull off Weston McKennie’s haircut at home, provided that you have the clippers, clips, hair-dying supplies, and expertise to achieve a faded afro.

There are also several guides online that can show you how to cut hair into afro fade styles as a beginner. Here’s a breakdown of how to get this hairstyle right:

  1. Cut and fade your sides and back
  2. Define the temple, sides, and back
  3. Leave around 4 to 6 inches of curly hair on top
  4. Use an afro pick to detangle the top
  5. Divide the hair with clips to split the part you want to dye
  6. Shield the rest of the hair to avoid getting the dye on it
  7. Bleach and dye the hair

USMNT Tik Tok account even posted a montage video of McKennie dying his hair. As you can see, this style always looks better with a professional touch, so you should consider going to the barber/hairstylist instead if you want better results.

How Much Does It Cost to Pull Off Weston McKennie’s Hairstyle?

Although afro fades might look pretty difficult, it’s a fairly simple haircut for curly hair. The price of a haircut, however, will depend on various essential aspects and factors.

These include the location where you live, the hairstylist’s rate, and whether you want to dye your hair afterward to look exactly like Weston McKennie.

Ideally, you can find hair stylists providing this hairstyle starting from $35, but it can also cost you much more than that.

Final Words

This wraps it up for today’s guide, which takes a deeper look at Weston McKennie’s hairstyle and what makes it unique.

Besides being a well-groomed and stylish haircut that compliments his natural hair texture, It is also a great example of how a little bit of styling can go a long way.