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In this modern age soccer players spend almost as much time on their hair as they do perfecting a move or a new game plan. In the football world, an image is everything because besides from the display that players put on the field their looks are always a talking point. And as most of them are always looking for new endorsement deals they have to perfect their look. This has led to the development of many types of soccer haircuts with some being outstanding and others not so good. However, whether the hair is good or a total mess, it will attract some interest and attention. Below are some of the players with some interesting hairstyles in world football.

# 1 Gareth Bale – Whales, Real Madrid

Besides from his talents on the field Gareth Bale is well known for his captivating hairstyles. Bale is a dirt haired man, and this seems to give him an edge because he always gets right with any style that he chooses to wear. Although he has worn several styles over the years, he apparently prefers cuts such as quiffs and fohawks and other sport lifted styles. These styles look perfect on his face shape and give him a sharp and masculine look.

# 2 Neymar Jr. – Brazil, Barcelona

Neymar is a trendsetter in the world of football. He is very versatile and never afraid to try new haircuts. From exaggerated Mohawks to simple undercuts he has tried them all and in most cases he always looks outstanding. One of his most notable cut is the full disconnection he wears by keeping length and texture on the top hairs. This style works well with any type of hair provided it is well kept and a round face.

# 3 Aaron Ramsey – Whales, Arsenal

Ramsey keeps his hairstyles short to medium and they are very easy for a fan to replicate. However, his cuts are simple, everyday or routine and so you should not expect to look extraordinary when wearing one of his many cuts but you will also not look bad. One of his best cuts is the Ivy League that he likes to wear often.

# 4 Xabi Alonso – Spain, Bayern Munich

Xabi has been on the top most level of the game for more than a decade and has featured in a couple of world cups and won several trophies at club competition and so for a player of such caliber image is important. He has had different hair looks over the years but the style that people associate with him is his neat and unique natural hair. The hair is short without being shaved and without too much detail and it is paired with short facial hair that has no shaping.

# 5 Marco Reus – Germany, Borussia Dortmund

Reus likes to spot unconventional hairstyles and except from a few most of them they look outstanding on him. In his early years in the game he seemed to prefer wearing a subtle Mohawk back but things seem to have changed as he grew older. Nowadays he mostly prefers to wear side parted styles enhanced by undercuts that are either highlighted or bleached.

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