65 Outstanding Short Curly Hairstyles For Men – Tame Your Locks Today

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# 6 Curly Fade

Curly Fade


If you are looking for a style to tame your curly locks a bald fade might be just what you need. In this example, the upper locks have been left at a medium length and the lower portion of the sides is clean shaven.

# 7 Waves Of Change

In this picture, the hair on the top of the head is at a medium-short length, which allows the curls to fall over the undercut, which has been kept at one length all around.

# 8 Edgy Hair

For this look, the loose wavy hair on top has been scissor cut to produce an edgy style. These locks have been brushed forward and product was used to create spikes. Underneath, a bald fade has been performed.

# 9 Bushy Locks

Here we see that the hair on top has been grown out, allowing the natural curly texture to be displayed. Along the sides, we can see a graded undercut which feeds into his facial hair.

# 10 Carry On

In this hairstyle, the hair has been left long on top but instead of the undercut beginning at the crown, the length has been carried right down to the neck. The locks have been slicked back and there is a tapered undercut on the sides.

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