60 Cool Ideas for Black Boy Haircuts – For Cute and Fancy Gentlemen

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# 11 The Retro Duck Tail

This haircut is simply a masterpiece. It sports a high-top with medium fade sides. Artistic surgical lines come in handy to add more creativity to this style. A small patch of hair is left below the nape to add some drama to this retro cut.

# 12 Dreadlocks

Here is a brilliant way of giving your little boy the looks of a “rasta man”. The hair is styled into dreadlocks and cut into a perfect cropped haircut.

# 13 Cool Fade Cut

This is a simple yet cool style that is quite easy to pull off. The longer front top extends to the crown with a gradual reduction in height. A stylish part line effortlessly carves into the top. The sides are given a low skin fade that seals up this fresh haircut.

# 14 Faded Mohawk

This Mohawk sports thick and bushy locks that are allowed to retain their natural look. The haircut has a hard razor part with faded sides that create an elegant shape up Mohawk.

# 15 Textured

This is a classic haircut that is given tons of texture to make it really stand out. The top and the crown sport longer hair that is given a taper cut at the nape. Faded sides with sharp linings add a cool touch to this style.

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