50 Impressive Black Curly Hairstyles for Men – Find Your Own

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Some of these haircuts may be short and others long, but what is clear is that black curly hairstyles for men have never looked this good! If you’re looking for a new style you’ll definitely want to browse through these pictures to see what looks are trendy and find out how they were created!

# 1 Afro Spray

This wild looking style has been created by teasing strands of this jet black Afro straight out to the top and sides. This is trendy look, great for the evenings.

# 2 Short Sides and Amber Streaks

Here the tightly spiraled hair has been cut short on the sides while the top is longer. This hair has been finger combed backward and some small amber streaks of color have been added.

# 3 Soft Locks for Lenny

In this picture Lenny Kravitz, sports a super soft looking style. The hair has been trimmed to a uniform length with a teased texture. The deep hair color teamed with his salt and pepper beard creates an interesting dynamic.

# 4 Super Short Sides and Dreads

Here the sides and back have been razor cut and dreadlocks have been twisted into the long top hair. These locks have been gathered at the back and folded over to fall to the front of the face. Baby blonde highlights have been added and they complete this unique style.

# 5 Pillow Soft Locks in Midnight Black

The top section of hair is soft and falls in small curls with some lift towards the back. An undercut is also visible and has been neatly graded into the top locks.

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