75 Flattering Hairstyles For Men With Thinning Hair – Snip For Confidence

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Most men experience thinning hair as they age and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. After all, everyone gets older and our bodies change. Even young men may suffer from thin hair so we have collected 45 transforming hairstyles for men of every age to try. Wave goodbye to thin locks!

# 1 Faded Sides And Spiked Pompadour

It sounds elementary, but if your hair is thinning on the sides why not choose a razor fade to draw attention away from it? In this picture, the fade out draws attention to upper locks which have been styled in smart pompadour-inspired brush up with spiky tips.

# 2 Temple Fade

Temple fades like this can work well to cover up receding or faded hairlines. This medium length side comb over has been given a modern twist with a razor fade alongside a high parting.

# 3 Tapered Back Comb

Some men start to experience hair thinning as early as their late twenties and they need a hairstyle that covers the problem while still looking youthful. In this hairstyle volume has been created with a tapered back-comb that curves up, drawing attention away from the problem areas.

# 4 Leo’s Brush Over

Even Academy award winners can’t stop the aging process but they have found styles to cheat it. In this picture Leonardo DiCaprio has a high side parting, with a rounded shape; this allows for more length to compensate for thinning.

# 5 Eye Magic

This look has all the elements needed to create a flattering hairstyle for an older gentleman. Height is created on the upper locks and eyes are drawn into the thickest section of hair by a ruler straight, high side parting. The beard helps balance this look and the graded undercut gives it a trendy edge. 

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