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65 Artistic Hipster Haircuts – Modern Trends

The hipster look is not a new style as it has been around for many years, but people seem to have forgotten about it for some time.

However, this style is experiencing some revival and nowadays you have to rock it to look trendier. Even with the right clothes and attitude, the look cannot be complete without the hipster haircut.

Due to the popularity of this aesthetic cut different variations of the cut have come up, and there are now almost unlimited hipster haircuts to choose from. Below are 65 of these cuts that should inspire you to try this look.

# 1 Braids

braided hipster hairstyle for men

Especially for men with thin hair, a braided hipster haircut is ideal. It’s a quick look to pull together, requiring only a center part and a hair tie to secure.


# 2 Thick and Wavy

hipster men's haircut

With a leather jacket, a thick wavy top head of hair and buzzed sides is super hipster. To get the waves, use a bit of mousse and smooth with fingers.


# 3 Buzz Cut

hipster guy with very short hair

A buzz cut is already short without adding faded sides but pair it with a scruffy beard and you’ve got a hot hipster look that looks good anytime.


# 4 Highlights

hipster man with highlighted hairstyle

If you want a hipster hairstyle and you haven’t played with color yet, you’re missing out. Add light blonde or platinum in chunks to the front of your style and you’ll pull off any hipster look.


# 5 Long Hair

long hipster haircut for men

The epitome of a hipster haircut is long hair. Whether you wear it neatly combed or sort of messy like above, wear it with a great pair of sunglasses for classy vibes.


# 6 The Modern Rockabilly

This is a classic hipster style and also one of the most famous haircuts. However, the modern one is slightly different from the classic look of the 1920’s.

In the modern haircut, more volume is left on the top section of the hair while the back and sides are not shaved very closely. Most people like to pair this haircut with a well-kept beard to finish the hipster look.


# 7 Side Swept With a Man braid

The modern look is all about looking unique and very few other cuts can help you achieve this better than the side swept with a man braid.

Unlike other traditional hipster cuts, this style adds some twist by including a simple man braid just before the parting and side swept hair.


# 8 The Moustache

hipster haircuts

In this exquisite haircut, you will hardly notice the slicked back perfect hipster cut on the head because the moustache will take away all the attention.

The hipster moustache look is a traditional look that draws inspiration from the French moustache. This style works best for men with a big and well-kept moustache who wish to have the hipster look.


# 9 The Bearded Style

It’s all about the beard in this haircut. This style allows you to grow your beard to the length you want, and you can choose to trim it or leave it shaggy. A moustache is also an added advantage, but not a must to complete this style.

Although you will look better in this cut with long hair (at least shoulder length), you can always improvise to get the style on shorter hair with a little creativity.


# 10 Side Shaved

The side shaved hipster cut is perhaps the most identifiable of all these styles. It involves a side shave to separate the top section of the head and the beard which in most cases is long and well-kept.

Cutting the sides helps to create a disconnect between the facial hairs and top strands to make them both more visible.


# 11 Spiked Top

hipster haircuts

For a more casual look, every man with a medium length mane should try this hipster cut. To get this hairstyle, you should slightly trim the sides and the back of your head and leave the top section longer.

You should then spike the top hairs and then sweep them sideways and frontwards to cover a small portion of your forehead. Just like most other cuts, a good beard is ideal to complete the look.


# 12 Faux Inspired

This cut takes some inspiration from the faux hawk with the sides and back left shorter than the top, but the distinction between the two is not as big as in a faux.

The longer hair also covers a smaller portion of the top hair, and it is small enough that its length can be easily concealed by brushing it backwards for a formal look.


# 13 Let It Grow

hipster haircuts

There are almost no limitations with the hipster haircut, and this style proves this as the beard is left to grow as long as possible.

The sides are also shaved and blended in with the beard. The longer top hairs are then styled to complete a magnificent look.


# 14 The Perfect Gentleman

hipster haircuts

Nothing beats a gentleman look when it comes to making a good first impression whether it is for professional purposes or impressing ladies.

This style is the perfect look that every gentleman should wear since it combines the side-swept haircut and a well kept medium size beard nicely.


# 15 The Tied Pony

It’s amazing how something as simple as tying a pony can totally change how you look. In this style, there is almost no cut at all as the most visible thing is the tied pony.

The medium size and well-trimmed facial hairs also seem to add some spice to the style.


# 16 Summer Look

Everything is relaxed in the summer, and so your hairstyle should also portray a relaxed mood. A simple but classy hairdo always goes well with the summer.

In this cut, the top is nicely styled and given some height while the sides and back are closely trimmed. This cut is paired with an Italian moustache for a perfect summer look.


# 17 The White Beard Hipster

hipster haircuts

Men at an advanced age whose beard has turned white can still rock the hipster look without having to color or shave off their beard.

White facial hairs look nice on men when paired with a good haircut. You also do not have to exaggerate with your haircut just keep it short and use some quality products, and you’re good to go.


# 18 Long Hair Casual Hipster Look

In this haircut, the hairs are left to flow with their natural locks with some little trimming done on the edges just to keep strands looking sharp.

It is paired with the long characteristic beard to complete a look that every man with some long locks should try at some point.


# 19 Short Combed Back With French Moustache

A lovely french moustache can make even the simplest haircut look outstanding. In this do the hair trimmed short, a smoothening product is then applied, and the mane is combed back.

The facial hairs are closely shaved, and the haircut is completed with a nicely done French moustache.


# 20 The All Natural Hipster

Sometimes you do not have to do anything at all with your natural hair and beard to get the hipster look.

All you have to do is let your hair and beard grow to a medium length and keep it clean, and you have yourself a natural hipster look.


# 21 Clean and Bearded

Growing a perfect beard is more challenging than what most people think especially if you want to get a hipster look.

For the perfect style, the beard should grow uniformly like in the clean and bearded hipster cut. The hair should also be medium length or longer and pushed back with your fingers or a comb.


# 22 The Scruffy Man

You do not have to shave the hair neatly or have some undercuts and all the other conventional styles to get a hipster look. Scruffy still makes it, and you will not even have to make any effort to get this style.

Just let your hairs grow naturally but make sure it has that attractive scruffy look. The same goes for the facial hairs that should be left to grow as long as possible.


# 23 Side Parted and Bearded

Every gentleman needs to try different styles and looks in their pursuit to get the perfect one. Although men try many sophisticated styles, the classic hipster look can come from the simplest hairstyles like this side parted hair complemented by a beard.

In this cut, the hairs are medium in length and then given a nice part on either side of the head. A short beard is also maintained to complement the look.


# 24 The Formal Bearded Style

In hipster cuts, a beard always makes things better as it can transform any style by giving it a touch of class.

In this hipster cut the hair is reduced to between two and three inches, and there is pretty nothing much besides from a simple styling (which by the way you can style any way you wish), but the beard makes everything more elegant.


# 25 The Partial Clean Shave

If you would like to have a hipster look and you do not like keeping long beards, then this is an ideal style for you.

In this cut, the mane is only left at the top part of the head extending up to the crown, and everything else is closely shaved. The sides, back and face, should be shaved very close giving an almost smooth appearance.


# 26 Incredible Bangs

Bangs look good on the oval and round face shapes, and if done correctly, they can also give an excellent hipster look. With bangs, it all comes down to their size and shape.

Leave the bangs long enough to cover the forehead to the eyebrow level then trim the sides and back to make sure that all attention goes to the bangs on your head. You can also make things more interesting by giving the bangs some highlights.


# 27 The Casual Curly Hairdo

This style is for men with a naturally curly hair as it is very easy for them to pull this look. The looks in this cut are neatly trimmed to three inches or longer, and then the curls are styled to bring some uniformity to the hairs.

A short beard also goes well with this cut, but it is not necessary since the hair is sufficiently good looking.


# 28 Neat Front Sweep

Most men prefer side and backswept hair, but it is also possible to look good if you bring the hair forward.

In this cut, the longer top hairs are swept forward to form a gorgeous crown on the forehead. The back and sides are left shorter, and it is paired with a neat medium sized beard.


# 29 Side Swept Spikes

Short hair can be made even more stylish by side-sweeping the spikes at the top section.

Contrary to what most people think the spikes are still well visible but the side sweeping creates an unexplainable effect that will make your haircut look like an entirely new hipster style. And with a good medium sized beard, you will kill the look.


# 30 Bald Sides Hipster

This style starts with a neat line on the side of the head that separates the top hairs and the base hair.

The top strands are given a slight side sweeping while the base hairs are combed to the sides. Side and back hairs below the base are then given a bald shave to finish an impressive hipster haircut.


# 31 The Messy Top

The messy top does not only look good on short hair as you can pull this look with medium size or even long mane. With this style, there are many things that you can do with the long top section besides from living it messy.

You can play around with the hair by bringing a few bangs towards the forehead while the rest of the hair remains rumpled on your head.


# 32 It’s All About Curls

Curly hair comes with many advantages when you want to wear the hipster haircut. With curly locks, you need not cut even a single hair strand since you can achieve this style with a little creativity.

Just let your hair grow to medium length or slightly longer and style a portion of the front hair frontwards to cover one side of your face.


# 33 The Dreadlocked Hipster

The hipster style is very versatile since you can achieve it with almost any type of hair including long or short dreads. However, it is important to keep a long beard for the perfect hipster look.

You should then pull your dreads and tie them into a bun at the center of your head. With this style, you can choose to trim the back and sides, or you can leave them as they are.


# 34 Hipster Perfection

Some looks are fine, others great and there are those that are perfect for the hipster look. Many people try to get it, but some men have perfected it by getting everything right from the haircut, beard and moustache.

This complete hipster style entails a nicely cut hair with the top left longer and the sides and back trimmed to match the beard size. This uniformity and how everything blends in together is what makes this hairdo perfect.


# 35 The Weird Haircut

hipster haircuts

As wacky as they may be some haircuts still qualify to be called hipster’s since they have all the necessary characteristics.

A good example is the weird haircut where the hair is closely shaved or trimmed to a very short length, but one very long lock is left at the center of the head usually for symbolic purposes or tradition.


# 36 Hipster with Side Designs

Rather than give the sides of your head a very close or clean shave you can spice up your haircut by having designs on the sides. You can choose ant design you want, but the most attractive ones are patterns and sharp angles.


# 37 Extra Long Side Sweep

As the name suggests wearing this style requires you to have long hair that is swept to one side of the head.

This style looks particularly good on men with long wavy hair and just like most other hipster cuts the sides should be trimmed, and it should also be paired with a nice beard.


# 38 The Mohawk Inspired Hipster

This is a simple style to wear provided you have thick medium length hair. Curly hair is also an added advantage as it will make the styling easier.

You should then shave the sides closely but not as close as a regular Mohawk or as long as a faux hawk. Also, reduce the size of your facial hairs to match the level of the shaved sides to finish the look.


# 39 Creative Braid Style

When it comes to the hipster fashion, your creativity is your only limitation as you can try almost anything. In this style, the top hairs are left long enough so that they can be weaved into a braid.

The back and sides are shaved close and the facial hairs neatly trimmed and shaped. What makes this cut stand out is the single braid on top of the head.


# 40 The Classy Man Bun

If you have long thick hair and a round face, then all you need to do for a classic hipster look is hold the hair together in a man bun.

This style will require almost nothing else since your natural hair does the trick. However, you might need to shave your beard to blend in with your hairstyle.


Hipster Haircut – Before and After

Idea # 41


Idea # 42


Idea # 43


Idea # 44


Idea # 45


Idea # 46


Idea # 47


Idea # 48


Idea # 49


Idea # 50


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Idea # 56


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Idea # 59


Idea # 60


Idea # 61


Idea # 62


Idea # 63


Idea # 64


Idea # 65


As the hipster haircuts continue to become trendier, we are probably going to see more and more styles coming up.

However, from the 65 styles, there is something for anyone regardless of your face shape and hair type. Try one of the modern hairstyles today for a trendy and classy gentleman look.