60 Artistic Hipster Haircuts – Modern Trends

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The hipster look is not a new style as it has been around for many years, but people seem to have forgotten about it for some time. However, this style is experiencing some revival and nowadays you have to rock it to look trendier. Even with the right clothes and attitude, the look cannot be complete without the hipster haircut. Due to the popularity of this aesthetic cut different variations of the cut have come up, and there are now almost unlimited hipster haircuts to choose from. Below are 60 of these cuts that should inspire you to try this look.

# 1 The Modern Rockabilly

This is a classic hipster style and also one of the most famous haircuts. However, the modern one is slightly different from the classic look of the 1920’s. In the modern haircut, more volume is left on the top section of the hair while the back and sides are not shaved very closely. Most people like to pair this haircut with a well-kept beard to finish the hipster look.

# 2 Side Swept With a Man braid

The modern look is all about looking unique and very few other cuts can help you achieve this better than the side swept with a man braid. Unlike other traditional hipster cuts, this style adds some twist by including a simple man braid just before the parting and side swept hair.

# 3 The Moustache

hipster haircuts


In this exquisite haircut, you will hardly notice the slicked back perfect hipster cut on the head because the moustache will take away all the attention. The hipster moustache look is a traditional look that draws inspiration from the French moustache. This style works best for men with a big and well-kept moustache who wish to have the hipster look.

# 4 The Bearded Style

It’s all about the beard in this haircut. This style allows you to grow your beard to the length you want, and you can choose to trim it or leave it shaggy. A moustache is also an added advantage, but not a must to complete this style. Although you will look better in this cut with long hair (at least shoulder length), you can always improvise to get the style on shorter hair with a little creativity.

# 5 Side Shaved

The side shaved hipster cut is perhaps the most identifiable of all these styles. It involves a side shave to separate the top section of the head and the beard which in most cases is long and well-kept. Cutting the sides helps to create a disconnect between the facial hairs and top strands to make them both more visible.

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