60 Attractive Looks For Men With Receding Hairline – Be Creative

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# 6 Straight Side Sweep

Straight Side Sweep


Guys love sweeping hairstyles because they are flexible and easy to keep. A longer side is swept over the head top to the other side. Part of this is allowed to pass over the forehead thus covering the thin front. It looks natural and it would not be easy to notice any cover up. It is simple yet a great style with an unmatched finish.

# 7 Gray Top Fry

Gray Top Fry


Sides are cleared to as low as you may be comfortable. A top is trimmed to make two distinct layers. A small sweep originates on the top and has some extensions covering the forehead. You look sleek and you will be an eye-catcher in the streets.

# 8 Pomp with Neat Fade

A top is compounded by combing hair upwards but then cropped at the top to form a rounded heap. The front is bolded to bulge out and thus taking care of the recession. The sides are two layers of different hair length. It is an easy-to-go style that would make you look like a star.

# 9 Round Perfection

Many people are still crazy for the ‘Box’ style that was popular in the 90s. You can also make a good deal out of it too. With clear shaved sides, A top is trimmed to a medium stout effect. The front is given a not-so-clear-cut that leaves it with some hair. It is an outstanding look that would do more than just disguising a receding front.

# 10 Long Wavy Fringe

Long Wavy Fringe


Hair is left to do its natural growth before being styled to run backwards. The top waves are brought to the front cover the foreline and then turned inwards. It leaves a handsome look that would be noticed by the ladies. Such a look would add a score to your perfect cheekbones and the calm face.

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