50 Upscale Mullet Haircut Styles – Express Yourself

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# 6 Short & Cool

Short & Cool


You do not have to keep a long thick hair to wear this style because you can also achieve it with a short nicely shaved hair. Here the strands are cut to a couple of inches long throughout the head, and they are uniform in length at the top and back. The back hairs should then be pushed back, and those on the crown to the front to cover the forehead.

# 7 Wavy Push Back

Wavy locks are amazing, and you can create any style with them without even having to trim them especially if you have a medium length like in this cut. Here the wavy strands are used to create an exquisite mullet by pushing them back with a comb or with your hands for a more natural finish.

# 8 Sleek & Gelled

Some gel will always make your style more attractive if you know how to apply it, and if you use a quality type that will not leave your hair greasy. In this cut, the sleek medium length strands are generously gelled then pushed back to finish the fantastic hairdo.

# 9 Mullet Hawk

This haircut demonstrates just how well the classic mullet can blend in with modern hairstyles like the Mohawk or faux hawk. The hair in this style looks just like most others with short sides and a longer middle but what makes it distinct is the design of the strands in the middle. Rather than being pushed back or to the front they are pushed sideways and some to the back.

# 10 The Fancy Hawk

The Fancy Hawk is another example of a faux hawk inspired hairdo but unlike the latter the cut and styling is done very creatively. An extensive section that is also well-textured is maintained in the middle and then rolled up. The sides are trimmed moderately while a few strands are pulled together to form one lock that flows through the sideburns line to create a unique hairstyle.

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