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50 Stunning Ryan Reynolds Haircuts – Trendy Superhero

It is hard to think of one particular Ryan Reynolds haircut that he likes to keep because he is always trying different things. Being an A-list celebrity, he has always been in the limelight, but the release of Deadpool seems to have sparked new interests in him.

Ryan is a simple guy, and so he also keeps simple haircuts that are very easy to replicate. And so for the thousands of men out there who would want to replicate one his looks here are 50 easy designs that you can replicate easily.

# 1 Casual Side Parting

This is a simple hairstyle, but classy. It’s wonderful for busy men. The hair is kept mainly short but decently thick. There’s some extra length on top to brush over with a side parting, and some volume.


# 2 Gentle Side Brushed Waves

This style will only work for guys with a gentle natural wave to their hair. Keep the sides short and the top slightly longer,  brushed to the side but not made too voluminous. There’s some natural volume there, and plenty of texture with the waves.


# 3 Spikey & Greying

popular ryan reynolds haircut


Don’t shy away from being a silver fox. Let the grey sides show and keep the short spikes on top colored. Let the spikes fall to one side for a mature appearance.


# 4 Ruffled Top with Slight Fade

Great for thick hair, have a side parting and push the hair to one side. Add dimension with a gentle fade –  nothing too short, but clipped enough to stand out.


# 5 Classy Textured Side Sweep

A great look for formality, the sides are short and tight to the head with long, thick hair on top. It’s textured, yet sleek in appearance as it’s gently curving  to one side with tons of volume.


# 6 Short Messy Top

This haircut is very straightforward, and any man can copy it. All you need to do is to leave some length on the crown and then style by making it messy. You should then finish the look by tapering the sides and back.


# 7 Tapered and Uniform

Ryan Reynolds likes to keep things simple, and if you are not keen enough, you may not be able to tell the difference between his many haircuts.

In this particular style, he goes with a classic taper that involves reducing the size of the hair gradually to the back to create a uniform length. He then pairs it with medium stubble to create a very polished look.


# 8 Wavy Top with Buzzed Sides

Here he has some extra length at the top and a buzz cut on the sides. He styles the long strands at the top with a side part and by making them slightly wavy to create a lovely headdress that is perfect for a formal occasion.


# 9 Modern Pompadour Bangs

This hairdo gets inspiration from a classic pompadour, but it gives it a modern twist by giving the short bangs some extra texture and styling them inventively in a slightly messy design.

The design finishes by brushing back the sides to make them look shorter than the bangs on top.


# 10 Curly Long Top

Ryan also looks good with curly hair and this style proves this. Although the curls are very moderate, he styles them inventively with a soft side part and by tapering the sides to create a very polished appearance.


# 11 Soft and Short Waves

The classic fade on this style is what will catch the attention of most people because it is very skillful and professional. However, the style also has some soft and smooth waves at the top that make Ryan look very trendy.


# 12 Formal Back Sweep

This hairstyle gives Ryan a perfect formal look and also makes him look very sexy. It involves brushing up the strands at the front to provide them with some height and then pushing them back slightly.

He also keeps the back and sides short to ensure all the attention remains on the style on top.


# 13 Side Part and Wavy Top

This design is one of Ryan’s most common ones however he spices it up with a part line on the sides. He also gives the waves at the top a lovely high fade on the sides to create a very attractive manly look.


# 14 Front Focus Caesar

Caesar haircuts are common with men who prefer to keep their locks short. However, this one looks very distinct because it has a modern touch that eliminates the bowl appearance and also makes the strands slightly layered and longer at the top than on the sides and back.


# 15 Simple Long Top and Short Sides

A haircut could not get more straightforward than this, but it still makes Reynolds look very elegant. All that he needs to create this look is to leave an inch of hair on the crown and then give the sides and back a fade.


# 16 Classy and Uniform

You do not need to do a lot to create a perfect haircut because a pair of scissors in the right hands is enough. In this style, this is all that Ryan needs to create the classy look that involves chopping his strands to give them an equal length throughout.


# 17 Messy and Layered Short Bangs

In this style, he keeps a longer hair than in most of his other haircuts. The sides and back are tapered, and he styles his bangs by sweeping them sideways in a messy pattern.

He also has a lovely natural gray shade that also adds to the beauty of this design.


# 18 Stylish Lumberjack Look

Lumberjack looks seem to work well for most men, and so you can also try one like this one if you want a stylish and modern haircut.

It involves chopping your strands to leave a long top and tapering the sides to match the level of the sideburns. You should then style the strands with a soft side part and a slight side sweep.


# 19 Spiky Perfection

Short and spiky bangs also seem to work for Ryan, and they make him look very fashionable. However, everything about them from the cut to the styling is perfect.

To replicate this look, you only need to get the spiky cut right and then use a hold product such as gel or pomade for styling.


# 20 Back Swept Quiff with a Fade

A quiff is a very fancy hairdo, but this style takes its appearance a notch higher by sweeping it to the back and by giving it an incredible shine. The fade on the sides is also fantastic, and it adds some flavor to the cut.


# 21 Fancy Top Swirls

Most men prefer to keep the strands on the crown longer than the rest as this helps to accentuate their facial features.

However, the design of the long strands also matters, but Reynolds doesn’t have any trouble creating a fancy one. In this design, he makes them swirly and then gives his style a perfect fade on the sides.


# 22 Fantastic Upswept Short Bangs

This haircut is one of those that Ryan Reynolds has only had once or just a couple of times. It is a very fashionable style that involves chopping the strands short to create some textured bangs.

The sides and back are shorter than the top, and he styles the locks by up sweeping them in a messy pattern.


# 23 Short Shag Haircut

A wavy shag like this one is perfect when you want to draw attention away from certain facial features. Although Reynolds has a symmetrical face, this haircut still makes him look amazing, and this is because he also gives it a lovely fade on the sides.


# 24 Chunky Natural Locks

Sometimes you may not feel like doing much to your hair, but you still want to look fashionable.

However, this is still possible with a design like this one as you only need to give your medium length some moderate trims and then style by making them wavy and layering them by pushing the locks to the sides.


# 25 Sleek and Elegant Gentleman Look

The shine on this headdress is the first thing that will catch your attention because it makes the strands look very health.

They also have a fantastic cut that creates some fabulous bangs on the top and tapered sides and back. And for styling, he only needs to upsweep the front to give the design some height.


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A Ryan Reynolds haircut will always make you stand out because he always wears fashionable and masculine designs. And if you are looking for some inspiration on the different styles that you can wear to look like him, the 50 above will give you more than enough ideas.