75 Lovely Short Beard Styles – Chose the New Style

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Short beard styles are not just smart, but they can also give a man a very elegant look if he knows how to design them. The beauty of short facial strands is also in the fact that they do not require a lot of maintenance, and a man will also not have to grow out the whiskers for a long time.

Whether you prefer full facial hairs or something simple like a soul patch or goatee, there are still many styling options available and the 55 designs below should give you some valuable ideas on what you can create.

# 1 Full and Voluminous

This style is for men who have thick facial hairs and to create the look they only have to grow it out and give it a moderate trim for some uniformity. It also helps if you have dark toned whiskers but this should not be a problem because you can always have a dye job.

# 2 Simple and Sexy Strip of Beard

# 3 Unkempt Natural Whiskers

There are no cuts or any styling done on these facial hairs, but this is what makes the design look unique. Any man can have this look as you only need to let your strands grow out. But, to look this adorable, you should have more hair on the chin area and also a mustache.

# 4 The Short Stubble

# 5 Soft Chin Strands

Apart from the short, blunt mustache, there are no other hairs on the face, and so all the attention will remain on the perfect strands on the chin. There is only a small patch of strands on the chin, but this is enough to make any man look stunning. The softness of the strands also helps to add to the beauty, but you can always make your beard smooth by using beard products.

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