55 Fine-Looking Stubble Beards – It’s The Look You Have To Try

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# 6 Long Beard

Bristle beards are the last stage of stubble, and they provide a strong, masculine look. Chris Evans is wearing his long stubble thick and full together with a moustache.

# 7 Chin Whiskers

Here Chris Evans has clean shaven sides and is maintaining a stubble beard only on the chin. He is wearing a short moustache as well, which reaches over the lips to join the beard below.

# 8 Rugged Look

If you want a more rugged looking beard, allow it to grow out all around and keep it bristle short. This model has a day’s growth around the neck as well, which adds to the rough feel.

# 9 Try It Out

Stubble looks like this are great for men who usually shave and want to try out a bearded style. Just let your hair grow out for a few days and trim it into a neat shape. He has shaped his beard by shaving the sides of the chin and creating pleasing lines on the side.

# 10 Vary The Length

This gentleman is keeping his stubble facial hair looking stylish using two different lengths. He has allowed the facial hair to grow slightly longer around the contours of his face. This is a suitable look for a guy needing to disguise a patchy beard

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