60 Sizzling Tape-up Haircut Ideas – Get Your Fade On

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Tape-up haircut, popularly known as the taper fade, razor fade, skin fade or bald fade have emerged as one of the hottest hairstyles for men of all ages and hair type. The numerous variations of the haircut make it applicable to all lengths of hair.

Its versatility goes as far as allowing it to be incorporated with other hairstyles for a fresher, more personalized look. The fade can be high, low, a temple fade, a high top fade or a regular fade. Here are some of the trendiest tape-up haircut ideas you can try.

# 1 The Combover Temple Fade

This stylish fade mixes the classy Combover hairdo with the edgy tapering of the sides to produce a haircut that is equal parts modern and dapper. The slickly combed hair on the crown is accentuated by the slight fade at the temple, which gradually fades back in as it progresses towards the full beard.

# 2 The Wavy Temple Fade

This taper fade is one of the most preferred among Caucasian males as it embraces both curly hair and edgy trims. The type of fade applied is a low temple fade that runs behind the ear. The fade is minimal as it does not fade into skin, which is good because of the lack of even skin tone.

# 3 Buzz Cut Temple Fade

Buzz cuts and fades like this are common in the military. The old-fashioned buzz cut hairstyle is made trendy with a bald fade at the temples and at the back to give it a clearer outline. It also looks better as the hair grows back because the top always looks thicker than the sides.

# 4 Slicked Back Top with High Tape-up

This is a perfectly layered fade that gradually tapers back into the skin then tapers back up into a full, rugged beard. The slicked back hair of the crown gives the haircut an urbane appeal while the high tape-up creates a better distinction between the beard and the hair.

# 5 Spiky High Top Fade

Spiky hair is already pretty cool. This hairstyle is more of a modern version of the old-fashioned high top fades because the sides have been aligned all the way to the top. The fade is high, starting a couple of inches above the ear and tapering into the skin.

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