55 Creative Taper Fade Afro Haircuts – Keep it Simple

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An Afro fade is a haircut that is characterized by a gradual hair tapering, but it is more inventive and chic that other types of fade. Although it requires a high level of skill and it is also quite laborious, the results are very impressive, and this makes it worth the effort. No other cut will give a man the clean feel and fresh look of this fade, and the good thing is that you can still have any other design at the top. And so if you are looking for some inspiration on how to rock this trendy haircut hers is a gallery of 55 amazing pictures.

# 1 Naturally Textured Fade

This haircut is very inventive because the back is not faded or tapered but it is instead in a medium length, and this creates a faux hawk like design. The natural texture of the hair is also fabulous, and it will give you many options since you can use almost any type of fade on the sides.

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