Top 10 Best Beard Trimmer Reviews – Specially For Stylish Men

Several things define the best beard trimmer, and they range from simple things such as the appearance to other more functional ones like power.

A few years ago men preferred to clean shave their faces as this was considered more formal and professional but this has changed with the coming of trimmers.

Nowadays it is more acceptable to keep a long beard, but still, it has to be well maintained by neatly trimming it. And so finding the best trimmers is now more important than ever before.

Although there are many good ones out there, the following ten are the best based on their features and specifications and also aesthetic appearance.


# 1 Oster Limited Edition Fast Feed Hair Cut Clipper

Oster Limited Edition Fast Feed Hair Cut Clipper

Oster has been producing and distributing trimmers for slightly over a decade now. Looking at some of their first ones and comparing them with modern ones like this one you can tell that it has been quite a journey for them.

They started off with cheap ones that involved almost nothing unique but over the years this has changed. The Oster Limited Edition Fast Feed is what every man needs to own if they want to keep a neat beard with little effort and no skin complications.

It has been designed for everyday use as it cuts both wet and dry hairs and does so faster than most others in the market. The fact that it is a limited edition shows that there are many extraordinary things about it.

Once you get to use it or look at some of its features, it’s when you understand just how amazing it is. Even before you get to use this clipper, its weight and build leave you without any doubt that it is going to work as the manufacturer claims.

However, the best thing about this machine is that you do not have to keep on changing the blade as you can alter the current one to the length that you want.


Features and Specifications

  • The most important feature that you should look out for when buying these machines is the motor as it will determine how effective the clipper will be. This Oster trimmer comes with a mid-range 12 amp pivot motor that makes it more powerful than most others in the market. Despite the massive power, the motor is quiet enough not to annoy you, but it still produces enough sound to reassure that you have a reliable machine on your hands.
  • With this device, you do not need extra blades to get any length that you want as the current blade is adjustable. Apart from offering you a convenient and very precise size, this feature also makes it faster for you to trim the beard as you do not have to stop to change blades.
  • It has a very robust grip that not only makes it easy to hold but also enjoyable. A good grip means that you can use the machine for many hours nonstop without tiring your hands as it is very easy to handle.
  • Just like most others from Oster, it comes with a complete shaving package that includes blade oil, combs, brush and plastic blade guard. When you buy this device, you need not buy any other accessories.


What Makes It a Good Buy?

  • It performs perfectly on all hairs despite the length and regardless or whether they are wet or dry.
  • Offer you excellent value for your money due to the quality of service it delivers.
  • Very easy to handle and control meaning that you get the trim done fast.
  • The motor is excellent for regular use, and it will never let your down where the torque is concerned.

Quick Trimmer Fact: Trimmers work in a similar way to electric razors. However, trimmers are made of oscillating blades that are connected to the electronic device.


# 2 Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 3500

Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer 3500

The Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer has been perfectly engineered to provide a man with all the solutions to his beard grooming needs. It has been made with several features that every beard-cutting device must have to be considered useful.

This moderately priced cutter allows you to get that perfect trimming experience at home, and it comes with an incredible 20 inbuilt hair length settings that are more than most others currently on the market.

Apart from this, it has also been designed with the self-sharpening titanium blades for a consistently impressive performance and precision.

The fact that the self-sharpening blades require no oiling also makes it a maintenance-free machine and hence there are no downtimes or any extra costs for maintenance.


Features and Specifications

  • The most exclusive feature of this grooming device is that it gives you the freedom to choose from 20 different hair length settings. The hair lengths settings range between 0.5mm and 10mm and the increment in the lengths is 0.5mm.
  • It comes with self-sharpening titanium coated blades that give comfortable, smooth, and quick trims and also ensure that you do not get any irritations after cutting the hairs.
  • This trimmer allows for both corded and cordless use. In case, you forget to recharge the battery you can just plug it in directly to a power source and have your routine shave.
  • Has a washable design that makes it possible for you to clean the head by rinsing under a faucet. However, you should not run the entire body through the water as it is not entirely waterproof.
  • With this machine, you can quickly know when the battery is full thanks to the battery indicator that turns green. And it also has a worldwide operation as it allows for use in a voltage range of 100-240 volts


What Makes It a Good Buy?

  • With this machine, you do not have to buy any additional blades to get different hair lengths thanks to the 20 setting adjustment for different lengths.
  • The charge retaining battery only takes an hour to charge fully, and it can be used for up to 90 minutes without being plugged in.
  • Apart from the battery, it also allows for corded use and so you never have to skip your regular trimming session in case you forget to recharge the battery.
  • It offers you exceptional quality and precise shave without having to spend much as it is very affordable.
  • Has an ergonomic design that allows for easy usage and handling.


# 3 Philips Norelco G370

Philips Norelco G370

Philips is known for producing some of the best beard trimmer devices. Apart from this, they also have other quality electronic devices, and they manufacture almost all home appliances, but their trimmers are probably what they are well known for.

The Philips Norelco G370 continues in this line of perfection, and it is an all in one grooming machine. It has been designed for shaving all the hairs on a man’s body including those in the ears and nose.

For more versatility, its two main clippers that are used on hair and beard also have nine locking lengths that allow you to cut different sizes. This versatility eliminates the need to buy additional blades or to visit the barber when you want a very particular size.

However, what makes it more unique is the AccuControl system that comes with a flexible guide comb. What makes this system special is the fact that it enables the machine to follow the exact contour of your face, and so you get a uniformly trimmed beard without even putting a lot of effort.

With this feature and many others that are in the shaver, you are more able to control not only your beard size but also how you look.


Features and Specifications

  • It comes with six different attachments for the beard, mustache, hair, nose, eyebrows and ears. By buying this machine, you never have to visit the barber for removal of any hair especially if you have some basic shaving skills.
  • The nine locking lengths will ensure that you always get the exact size of the beard that you want. Switching between the settings is also pretty easy and by going through the manual, you will be able to understand the different sizes you can achieve with each set.
  • Philips Norelco G370 comes with self-sharpening blades. The blades are also wave-shaped, and this ensures that you always get a precise and even trim every time you use the clipper.
  • It is designed for a cordless rechargeable operation. However, it does not function when charging. To avoid any inconveniences, you should remember to charge so that it will have power when you need to use it next.
  • The attachments are washable to ensure maximum hygiene and also to keep them in perfect working condition. Its body is not waterproof, and so you should remove the attachments before washing them and ensure that they are dry before attaching them to the device.


What Makes It a Good Buy?

  • It is one of the easiest to maintain even with all its attachments as they can be removed and washed. The blades also require no maintenance as they are self-sharpening, and no oiling is needed.
  • The fact that it comes with a variety of attachments means that it can be used for several other purposes besides neatly trimming your beard. This is very convenient as you can do all the shaving you require with one easy to use hair trimmer.
  • Precision is one of the biggest advantages with Phillips trimmers, and this one is not an exception. The accuracy is brought about by the AccuControl system that is unique to these clippers.

Quick Trimmer Fact: There are three different types of motors used in the modern clippers. These motor types are the pivot, rotary and magnetic. All can give you a precise cut, but each type also has some merits and demerits.


# 4 Philips Norelco QT4050 Vac Beard Trimmer


Philips Norelco QT4050 Vac Beard Trimmer

Trimming the beard or mustache at home can be a very messy affair especially if you are not the type that knows how to shave all the hairs into the sink.

Cleaning can take even more time than grooming and so when you are in a hurry to get to work you will probably shave the beard hurriedly so that you can have enough time to clean up.

However, with the Philips Norelco QT4050, this should never be the case as it has been designed to vacuum 90% of the hairs and hence, you have a little clean up after.

Apart from helping you avoid the messy shaving, it is also packed with many other features to give you a precise and faster shave. QT4050 is an exceptional grooming machine that has been designed to make every man feel good by maintaining that perfect level of facial hair that they desire.

With this trimmer, you can choose from 18 different lengths with the shortest being 1mm and hence meaning that there is everything for everyone regardless of what their preferences may be. And to ensure that you get the exact size that you set, it also comes with the unique Philips contour comb.


Features and Specifications

  • This trimmer comes with 18 full-length settings and although there are a few with more than this it still has more than most others in the market. It also has an electronic screen that lets you know the setting that you have selected.
  • Has a wonderfully integrated vacuum system that vacuums most of the hairs as you trim them and hence leaving you with less cleanup work after the shave.
  • The ability to select the exact length that you want does not guarantee you that that is what you get due to different reasons. However, this machine makes this more possible with the precision lock on the length selected.
  • QT4050 offers versatility with the capability of being able to function when corded or cordless. Although the lithium battery holds a charge longer than most trimmers in the market, you may not always remember to charge your clipper, but this is not an issue since you can just plug the cord and trim your beard.
  • It is fitted with self-sharpening stainless steel blades that keep it sharp to ensure that you always get precise shaves. The blades also do not require any maintenance at all.
  • Has a soft touch handle that has been designed to maximize comfort even when used for many hours nonstop.


What Makes It a Good Buy?

  • Although the lithium battery takes up to 8 hours to charge, it also holds the charge for longer than most cordless trimmers.
  • Has an international voltage charger meaning you can carry it along on your travels.
  • The integrated vacuum system will help prevent mess and hence ensuring that you get not only a precise trim but also a clean one.
  • It is very light and comes with an ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle.


# 5 Wahl Clipper Corp 9916-817

Wahl Clipper Corp 9916-817

Wahl will always come among the top names when companies with the best beard trimmer are listed. It sets itself apart from other manufacturers with its dependable operation and stylishly designed shavers.

The fact that it is one of the oldest companies in the business is one of the things that give it an edge and almost never has a miss with any trimmer that it manufactures.

Coming from a manufacturer with such a reputation, the Wahl Clipper Corp 9916-817 is already a winner even before you get to use it. The design is fabulous, and just the appearance alone is enough to convince you to buy it.

It’s pretty small and compact, but just by looking at it, you can tell that it will give you a reliable performance. Apart from the design, the other things that most people will love about this trimmer are the long battery life and the fact that it takes less time to charge.

Just like most others from Wahl, this trimmer can get from a completely drained battery to a full charge in an hour and the battery will last for more than two hours. In fact, most men who use it for a couple of minutes once or twice a week will only need to recharge it once a month.

The long battery life would not be of any importance if it cannot deliver the trim required and so the manufacturer ensured that the user will not be disappointed as it comes with many excellent features.


Features and Specifications

  • It is a rechargeable cordless machine and hence making it more maneuverable when shaving as you do not have to worry about the cord coming in your way. However, it performs as good as corded ones if not better.
  • Wahl Clipper Corp 9916-817 has an ergonomic contour design. This design eliminates the need to use a contour comb when shaving as you can still trim the beard correctly following your face shape thanks to the form of the machine.
  • The trimmer has seven different trimming lengths. These different lengths are made possible by the beard regulator and the various spare blades that come with the machine.
  • To ensure that you get a perfect trim, the device makes the cut with high carbon steel blades. Apart from the increased precision that the carbon steel blades offer, they have also been ground in a unique way using modern techniques to eliminate the need to sharpen them.
  • The package that contains the machine also includes a charger, beard regulator, close trim attachment, jawline blender, rough stubble guide, mustache comb, a cleaning brush and an instruction manual that is also vital.


What Makes It a Good Buy?

  • This machine is very light and feels very stable in your hands. The stability and lightweight make it possible to shave with more precision even if you are not very skilled at this.
  • Its sound is moderate as it is not very quiet or too loud. The sound that it makes will remind you of a barbershop where they use very high-tech trimmers and shavers.
  • If you are one of the many men that like to buy lovely things, then this trimmer will make the cut for you as it looks stunning.
  • The blades are pretty sharp, and they will remain like this for a very long time. In fact, you will never need to sharpen them for the lifetime of the machine provided you do not interfere with them.
  • Cutting power is perfect thanks to the motor installed.

Quick Trimmer Fact: Leo J. Wahl invented the first electric clipper in the late 1890’s, and he went on to form a company named Wahl Clipper Corporation. Wahl is now an international company still producing Clippers, and their products can be found in 165 countries.


# 6 Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 9100

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 9100

Technology has no limitations, and it is always getting better each day that passes. One of the areas where this is very evident is in the manufacture of trimmers. There is always something new to look out for, and the latest is the laser guide.

Philips is the first company to utilize in-built laser technology in its 9100 Norelco trimmer. This technology takes precision to a whole new level by letting you guide the trimmer precisely how you want it to trim and to what level and hence giving you more control over how you look.

This machine also offers you an opportunity to choose from 17 different lengths and hence you can always be guaranteed of getting the same consistent size that you like every time you shave.

Other things that make this one the best beard trimmer in the market is the fact that it is a dual-sided trimmer and also has a rechargeable battery that can last up to one hour.

Being manufactured by one of the best if not the best companies in the industry, this trimmer takes into consideration everything that men look for in a perfect trimmer and you will hardly find any fault in it.


Features and Specifications

  • It is a dual-sided trimmer and also reversible to ensure that you get any size that you wish. The wider blade size is ideal for trimming, the thicker areas of your beard while the other short side will be perfect for shaving those hard to reach areas like around the nose and mouth.
  • The laser guide is unique to this trimmer, and it is perfect for men who like to wear a goatee or shave some distinct lines. However, it will also guide you in getting a more precise trim regardless of the length or style you want.
  • 17 built-in length setting makes it possible to customize your length and make it more accurate without having to use attachments and hence helping you get a quick but perfect shave.
  • It has a small LED display that clearly indicates the size that you have selected, and so you can be sure of exactly what you are getting unlike in other shavers.
  • High-performance chromium steel blades are what will give you the efficient and neat cut that you want. The blades are also maintenance-free and will never require any sharpening.


What Makes It a Good Buy?

  • The laser guide will help you get more precise and neat trims.
  • Easy to clean even for a sluggish man as it is entirely water-resistant and so you can clean it by rinsing under a faucet.
  • It requires zero maintenance since the blades are self-sharpening and require no oiling.
  • The battery is perfect as it only takes an hour to recharge and can last for more than 60 minutes on a full charge.
  • Allows for both corded and cordless operation for increased convenience.


# 7 Philips Norelco QT4022

Philips Norelco QT4022

Philips Norelco has been manufacturing some of the best beard trimmers for many years now and although they have already carved out a market share of very loyal costumers they are always improving their machines.

The QT4022 does not utilize any new technology as almost everything that it has can be found on other machines from the same manufacturer. However, what makes it a better trimmer is that everything has been given some improvements or a touch of perfection, and it works much better.

For example, the diamond-like blades are sharper than most of the previous ones, and they will stay so for longer thanks to the self-sharpening technology. Other notable things in this device are the flexible guide comb that is much better than what is on most other devices from the same manufacturer.

With this guide comb chances of you getting nicks have been significantly reduced without affecting the closeness of the shave that you get.

It is mainly designed to be a stubble trimmer, and the best thing about it is that it does not cause any skin compromises while still ensuring that you get a close and perfect shave. Like most other trimmers from Philips, it also offers you the ability to choose from ten length settings.


Features and Specifications

  • QT4022 has been designed to offer you more versatility when trimming your stubble as the adjustable length setting makes it possible to cut it to any length between 1 and 10 mm. The length has an incremental of 1 millimeter and is adjusted by the zoom-lock setting.
  • This trimmer comes with diamond-like carbon blades that are very sharp to make it possible to get a close shave without passing the same area repeatedly. Apart from this, they will stay sharp for the lifetime of the machine and require no maintenance at all.
  • The rechargeable battery allows for both corded and cordless operation. It takes about 10 hours to recharge the battery fully, but you can use it for up to 60 minutes which is a lot of time given the fact that it takes less than ten minutes for most men to do a perfect shave.
  • It has an amazing flexible guide comb that has been designed to help you get a closer shave without nicking your delicate skin. With this guide comb, you have the freedom to try any length that you wish as you do not have to worry about cuts.


What Makes It a Good Buy?

  • No matter what size you want, you can always be assured of accurate results thanks to the flexible guide comb and easily adjustable and varied length settings.
  • It is one of the most comfortable shaving machines to hold in your hands. The comfort is brought about by the compact size and also from the fact that it is very light.
  • QT4022 comes in a sleek design and a very attractive red color that will draw you to it if all its fantastic features do not.
  • The design is fully washable, and you do not even have to remove any part or wash with a particular liquid. Water is more than sufficient for cleaning this machine.
  • This trimmer comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee and a warranty that will have you covered for two years.

Quick Trimmer Fact: Although modern beard trimmers can be used on both wet and dry hair they provide the best results when used for dry strands. This is because wet strands appear longer than they are and so when cutting them you are more likely to cut more than what you intended.


# 8 Panasonic ER-GB80-S Body and Beard Trimmer

Panasonic ER-GB80-S Body and Beard Trimmer

Beard trimmers nowadays come in all sizes and shapes and with different features, but there is always something special with those designed and distributed by Panasonic. Panasonic made a name in the manufacture of home appliances.

It is there many decades of experience with electronic devices that give them the ability to produce perfect beard-cutting machines. Everything about the GB80 is special from the design and color to the unique length setting.

It is one of the few trimmers that when a man buys, it will be many years before they even think of buying a different machine. The unique thing about this device is that it has 39 distinct settings to ensure that you get the precise style and look that you want on your beard.

The settings range from 0.5 mm to 20.0 mm with the incremental being a minimal 0.5 mm. The incremental is minimal, but it makes a huge difference when trimming the beard. Most men would agree that the a 0.5 mm can totally alter the style they want to achieve.

Other impressive features in this trimmer are a 45 degrees precision stainless steel blade that makes your facial hairs conform to all your needs and a 100% washable design that ensures you can get it clean in a few seconds under the faucet.


Features and Specifications

  • Panasonic GB80 has a rechargeable AC battery that charges in an hour and can provide up to 50 minutes of power for continuous trimming.
  • The trimmer has been designed to ensure portability anywhere and the ability to use anytime you need to use it. It can be plugged into an AC outlet or charged and used as a cordless machine.
  • To ensure that you can easily keep it clean it has been creatively designed with an easy to open water drain that allows water to run through and hence getting it clean in a matter of seconds.
  • Comes in an ergonomic design with a rubber grip. The design and rubber grip are meant to ensure that the user is comfortable, and they have total control so that they can have excellent trimming results.
  • Apart from trimming your beard, it can also shave your hair and mustache thanks to the three comb attachments.


What Makes It a Good Buy?

  • It can safely trim very sensitive skin since the blades are made from a hypo-allergenic material.
  • The trimmer is fitted with high end 45 degrees blades that make it possible to cut cleanly even through very thick facial hairs.
  • Its 39 trim setting will help you personalize your style and looks.
  • This cutting machine is 100% waterproof and hence washable for easy cleaning.
  • The rubberized grip is non-slip and very comfortable on your hands, and this helps to ensure that you are in total control of the machine.


# 9 Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 5100

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 5100

The Phillip Norelco Beard Trimmer 5100 is the best beard trimmer currently on the market. It has been designed to help a man get the look that he desires almost effortlessly. A good indicator of just how good it is would be to look at its sales.

Few other Phillips beard trimmers come even close to it in sales since it was launched. Most men look for three important things when shopping for a beard trimmer and these are the price, appearance, and convenience of use.

The 5100 scores highly on all these things and this will explain the fantastic reception it has received. It is a very versatile trimmer that features two almost distinct trimmers in one machine with one being tasked to get the job done and the other for more detailed and precise results.

The device also allows users to choose up to 17 different lengths setting with the smallest being 0.4 mm and it also has an LED screen that clearly shows what you have selected for easy reference.

Its blades are among the sharpest but their cuts are very smooth, and you will never have issues with them causing you any discomfort. However, what you will love most about them is that you will never have to sharpen them as they self-sharpen as you shave.

They will also never require any maintenance or even oiling and hence making the machine much more convenient to use.


Features and Specifications

  • Norelco Beard Trimmer 5100 is fitted with reversible trimmers that are designed to function like two different products in one. The reversible dual-sided trimmer blades help you create your unique style.
  • The 17 length settings provide you with more precision than what most other machines in the market will offer. Apart from the LED screen that lets you see what you have selected the other thing that makes this feature incredible is that the difference between two settings can be as small as 0.2 mm.
  • Philips has designed their 5100 edition with the capability to operate as both a corded and cordless machine. The lithium-ion battery in the device takes about an hour to charge fully, and it will run for the same amount of time on a full charge.
  • This machine also has the unique turbo power button that can be found on most Philips Norelco beard-cutting machines. By pushing this button, you boost the cutting speed of the machine, and this can be very helpful when you are time-constrained.
  • It uses highly efficient chromium steel blades that will not only offer you perfect trims but also have several other advantages. The key among the merits of these blades is that they are self-sharpening and require no maintenance or oiling completely.
  • This trimmer also has three comb attachments and a clip-on for the nose and ear.


What Makes It a Good Buy?

  • It is easy to maintain due to the waterproof design that makes it possible to rinse it under running water.
  • The different length settings help you personalize the cut you want. Whether you want a very close shave or a trim with a decent length this machine can offer you exactly what you desire.
  • You will not find any other trimmer that is easier to use than the 5100, and this makes it also one of the most efficient beard-cutting tools currently on the market.
  • The battery life of 60 minutes is very long especially when compared with others and given the fact that it will only take an hour to charge it fully.

Quick Trimmer Fact: Although electric trimmers are more popular globally the manual clippers are still in use in several parts of the world. For example, in a country like India, they are extensively used in most regions and are even more prevalent than the modern electric ones.


# 10 Panasonic ER-GB60-K

Panasonic ER-GB60-K

The Panasonic ER-GB60-K is a simple as they get and it’s probably one of the most straightforward Clippers from this manufacturer. However, this does not take anything from its performance because despite its simplicity it is still one of the best from Panasonic.

It only has two sets of clipper guards, but this does not limit you from getting different sizes using this machine. The guards can be moved using the knobs to make it possible to get sizes that range between 1 and 20 mm.

Overall, this is a simple machine but still very special as it is easy and comfortable to handle and you can always be sure that it will get the job done as it has all the features required.


Features and Specifications

  • These trimmers have 45-degree blades to ensure precision at all times regardless of the size of the beard or whether it is wet or dry.
  • It has two trimming attachments that in total give you the option to choose from 39 different length settings that can be adjusted using the quick-adjust dial.
  • ER-GB60-K provides you with versatility and convenience as it can be used when corded or cordless. The battery takes an hour to recharge after which it can last up to 50 minutes.
  • This trimmer has universal voltage, and so you can carry it when traveling and still get to use it from different parts of the world.
  • Comes with two comb attachments making it possible to use it for shaving your hair and also mustache.
  • Its high-quality blades are made from hypoallergenic stainless steel so that they offer a safe and non-irritating shaving experience even for men with very sensitive skin.


What Makes It a Good Buy?

  • It’s completely waterproof and hence making it convenient, easy and fast to wash under running water.
  • This machine is reliable and durable so that you get to use it for a long time provided you keep it in good condition. Apart from this, it has fantastic features that make it worth buying.
  • The hypoallergenic blades make it suitable for use by every man even those that have very sensitive skin.
  • Panasonic ER-GB60-K is a beautiful gadget to own due to its aesthetically appealing design and fabulous color choice. Every time you shave with this gorgeous machine, you will always feel happy as it is very attractive.
  • Its small size makes it easy to handle and hence helps to ensure you get cleaner and elegant trims at all times.


How your beard looks speak volumes about you as more often people will judge you from the kind of facial hairs that you keep. And so it is wise to take time and ensure they are well-trimmed and neat.

For this, you have the above 10 of the best beard trimmers to choose from and so not knowing what to buy should not prevent you from trimming your facial hairs. However, you have to know exactly what you prefer in a trimmer because they are not all the same.

Choose a trimmer that can handle your beard size or give you the precise trim that you want and also a machine that you can be able to use for a long time.