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40 Best Ways to Rock Beard without Mustache in 2024

Beard without mustache is still a very fashionable design if you cut and style them right. And so even if you cannot grow the traditional soup-strainer or you simply don’t like it this does not mean that you cannot look trendy and masculine.

There are limitless facial hair designs that you can try without having the handlebars and this gallery show 40 of the best ones.

# 1 Squared Chin Strap

beard without mustache

This chin strap design works fine without the mustache. It’s squared around the chin for a framing, dynamic look.


# 2 Bushy Chin Beard

ginger beard without mustache

If you like thick, full-coverage facial hair but not around your mouth, this is a good look for you. The beard is long and thick but exclusively grows from the chin area, with some tighter facial hair on the jaw.


# 3 Thick & Trim Chin Fuzz

beard without mustache style

Another chin-focused style, here the hair is thick and full around the chin, with scruffy sideburns and a small line to frame a sharp jawline. It brings out the shape of your face, while possibly hiding a bigger-than-average chin.


# 4 Basic Jawline Bristles

chinstrap beard without mustache

This style also hides a potential weak spot. For guys with rounder jawlines, a dense and bristly chin strap from ear to ear adds definition.


# 5 Thick Jaw & Neck Coverage

amish beard without mustache

This style is slightly old-fashioned, but it still works. It’s a chinstrap beard that covers the jaw and chin, with some coverage on the neck too. It’s easy to maintain and obscures a large or rounded jawline.


# 6 Low Scruffy Strap

bald men's beard without mustache

For guys who want a little scruff, this stubbly style around the chin, jaw and neck works for a minimalistic look. It frames the chin well, and doesn’t extend up towards the side hairline.


# 7 Chin and Soul Patch Fuzz

black men's beard without mustache

For a super simple and low-maintenance look, a little scruff under the chin and a light matching soul patch look great.  It adds a hint of maturity to a young face.


# 8 Thin Mutton Chops

beard without mustache

This look centers around light, thin mutton chops that extend to cover the edge of the chin. The soul patch is slightly thicker, drawing attention to the lips.


# 9 Chin Area Scruff

bearded guy without mustache

For guys who want to show off a rugged chin, cover it in a light beard, right down to the neck. The jawline is slightly stubblier and a soul patch ties in the look.


# 10 Full Lower Face Beard

beard without mustache

If you want a “full” beard but one that doesn’t obscure your features, go low. Have full coverage from the bottom of your ears in a diagonal to your mouth, with a bristly bush covering everything from there downwards.


# 11 Funky Mutton Chops

Mutton chops are still very trendy, and the good thing about them is that you do not have to keep a mustache to have one. The one of this design has some lovely gray hairs and a sharp line up on the sides that helps to create a very refined look.


# 12 The Cute Goatee

The beauty of this goatee come from the fantastic growth pattern of the strands because they start just below the lower lip and extend all the way to the chin. And with the rest of the face having a smooth shave you can be sure of an attention grabbing goatee.


# 13 Extra Long Pony Goatee

The length of this goatee is amazing, and it leaves a lot of room for some creativity. And so you can even tie it with a ponytail band to create a charming design.


# 14 Full Face Mutton Chops

Here is another take of the mutton chops but these look quite distinct. The Facial hairs are all over the face except the mustache and so to create the design you only need to shave the area around the chin.


# 15 Growing Out Goatee

Growing Out Goatee

This beautiful look is what you get in your early days of trying to grow out a goatee. However, you can still chop your long whiskers short if you wish to achieve the same appearance.


# 16 Polished Short Chin Curtain

Polished Short Chin Curtain

A chin curtain is just a goatee that extends below the chin to create a curtain-like design. This one is also quite thin, and it joins with a soul patch to form a charming beard design.


# 17 Neat Muttons

If you have thick and full facial hairs without a mustache, then you can still create a trendy look like this one. It is a mutton chops design, but it is neater than the traditional ones. To create it you only need to line up your full facial hairs and trim the strands on the chin.


# 18 Van Dyke Without Handlebars

Beautiful facial hair designs can only come from a little inventiveness like in this particular one. It is a typical Van Dyke design but the only thing missing is the mustache, but this does not take anything away from its beauty.


# 19 Natural Long Stubble

These facial strands maintain their natural growth pattern and the only thing that you need to do to them is to give them a simple line up. This style is perfect for men who can grow full facial strands.


# 20 Soft and Short Stubble

Here is another version of the stubble but this one is short, and it represents the look that you get when you go for a couple of days without shaving. This beard style also requires a moderate line up to make it look neat.


# 21 Neat Beard Fade

Fade patterns can also work for your facial hairs and the one on this design entail reducing the hairs gradually from the chin towards the sideburns to create a lovely deign. However, this design also has a thin line of hair on the mustache.


# 22 The Viking Curtain

Vikings are very popular for their hairstyle and long beards. If you want to replicate one of their looks, then you should let you whiskers grow as long as possible and then simply comb them to create this lovely curtain.


# 23 Faded Balbo Style

This Balbo style maintains a goatee-like beard on the chin but what makes it a distinct style is the fact that the rest of the hair does not have a smooth shave. Instead, it has a smooth fade, but you can also buzz the sides to create the same look.


# 24 Untouched Natural Goatee

There is no sign of any line-up or trim in this beard style, and this is what makes it unique because it represents a perfect idea for men who like to maintain natural looks.


# 25 Full Facial Strand and an Easy Goatee

Some men are very lucky to grow perfect facial hairs and so even without a mustache they still look very stylish. This style is an excellent example of this, and it is a combination of full facial hairs and a fancy goatee.


# 26 Elaborate Fade and Chin Pattern

The elaborate pattern in the chin will require some skill and a thick hair to create, but it is still achievable. Apart from this the facial strands also have a smooth fade of the sides that helps to enhance their appearance.


# 27 Sharp and Connected

The connection between the tapered sides of the hair and the short and full facial strands is amazing, and it is what makes this an elegant beard without mustache design.


# 28 Geometric Line Up and Skin Fade

These whiskers have a skillful geometric line-up that gives them a fantastic shape. And if you pair this with the lovely skin fade you have yourself an elegant and upscale appearance.


# 29 Thick Goatee with Side Shape Up

A beard comb is all that you need to give the goatee in this style its flawless appearance because it has some lovely and thick whiskers. However, this style would not be complete without the beautiful shape up of the facial hairs on the sides.


# 30 Blurry Faded Whiskers

Modern beard styles do not just line-up the whiskers, but instead, they give them a trendy look like this one. Here the short and full facial hairs have a beautiful blurry fade that will make any man look classic.


# 31 Spiky with a Soul Patch

To wear a fancy design like this one you should chop your facial whiskers short and make them spiky and with a simple fade around the ear. This particular style also enhances the look with a smooth soul patch.


# 32 Thick and Unkempt Full Whiskers

This beard style is another example of how some men have perfect natural facial whiskers. And so they do not even need to trim or line them up because a simple finger combing to give them an attractive unkempt look is enough.


# 33 Well Groomed and Disconnected

If you are among the many men that prefer to wear formal looks then, this beard style will work for you. It consists of short, well-groomed whiskers with precise lines and a disconnection with the hair on the head.


# 34 Naturally Fine and Cute

Elegance is an understatement when describing these facial strands are they are way more than this, and the good thing is that the strands are very natural. If you have full facial hair, then you can create this style quickly with some innovative cuts and shaping.


# 35 Short and Buzzed Stubble

There are two ways of achieving this amazing beard, and the first one is to chop your facial strands very short and let them grown out for a few days. The other is to cut them to this exact size if you know how to do it.


# 36 Clean and Chic Facial Strands

The smooth transition from the tapered sides of the hair to the sideburns is amazing, and it is one of the things that make the facial strands look stunning. Apart from this the facial whiskers also have a perfect line up and a lovely buzzed goatee.


# 37 Lovely Goatee and Stubble Fade

Trendy beard designs are no longer just about a mustache, but they also entail having a perfect fade like this one. And if you pair it with the lovely medium size goatee you will look exquisite.


# 38 Classy Beard Fade

Having a good beard can help give you a classy appearance like this one. Provided you have a full facial hair you can achieve this style as you will only need to give the strands a blurry fading and an easy line-up.


# 39 Crisp and Fresh Whiskers

The whiskers on this design have a lovely trim that gives them their crisp and uniform size. They also have a cool shape up that does not display any lines but helps to give the long stubble a stylish appearance.


# 40 Sharp Angular Look

Some sharp angles can also make your facial hairs look very fashionable, and they make this beard style look adorable. However, it also has a beautiful fading and a connection with the strands on the head that also add some elegance to the style.


Beard without mustache styles is still very elegant and stylish and contrary to what most men think you still have many styling and trimming options.

And with the styles above in mind, you do not have to worry about growing a fancy mustache because your whiskers can still look fashionable even without one.