50 Modern Crazy Hairstyles For Brave Men – Pure Art

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# 6 All Blue & Crazy

All Blue & Crazy


If this guy had chosen a different color for his hair, many people would probably not notice how crazy his hairstyle is. The mane starts with a simple and neat design on the crown, but things get crazy with the introduction of the long blue locks that are styled to face upwards. There is also a dummy or doll in the hair and a hair roller to make the hair even weirder.

# 7 Viking Warrior

Viking warriors and also a few other warriors from different communities in Asia and the Middle East were known to keep one or two locks on the hair as a sign that they have never been defeated in battle. This style seems to draw inspiration from these warriors, but the wearer takes things further by adding a ring to one of his two locks. Apart from the two long locks, there is pretty nothing much exciting with this hairstyle.

# 8 White Afro

If you are not sure what to do with you long hair or afro to make it stand out, you can try dying it all white like in this do. What makes this style look amazing is a quality of the white dye and how it was applied. It doesn’t get whiter than this and to spice up the look facial hairs are also dyed white.

# 9 Braided Locks

You can create dreadlocks by braiding like in this style and make them look even more appealing by mixing up different colors in the locks. A bright color like white will look best with this style, and it is also important to note that the braiding style used is unique as it does not follow the same pattern as any of the traditional braiding styles.

# 10 Flamed Up Top

This cut has been designed to look like a flame starting from the shape that it takes to the choice of hair color. It is an attractive style especially when you want to stand out from the rest. It can be used to express your personality and is also very simple to wear because apart from the color the only other notable thing is the scissor trimmed shape.

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