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55 Snappy Dapper Haircuts – Dare To Be Dandy In 2024

All things retro are chic again and no more so than the dapper haircut. The word “dapper” means neat and that is exactly how you will find most of these styles.

The main features of this style are well-defined partings, tapered undercuts and slicked back hair – all adding to that 1940’s feel. These styles work perfectly on any shape face and will ensure that you are looking smart at all times.

# 1 Brushed Back Top

slick back dapper haircut

This is a simple look for men who want to look dandy without trying. Brush back and smooth the top of the hair while keeping the sides short. Easy to achieve any day of the week, and it works for casual and formal looks.


# 2 Top Heavy Undercut

dapper haircut with shaved undercut

For something old-timey dapper and strikingly modern, a sharp undercut with a pile of fluffy, side-swept hair works wonderfully. It’s simple upkeep, and won’t need products to style.


# 3 Thick Side Parted Smoothness

men's dapper hairstyle

If you have luscious hair, part it straight along one side and brush the rest up, and in the other direction. You want it to look fluffy, so don’t use too much wax to obtain the style.


# 4 Slanting Quiff with Short Sides

side swept dapper haircut

Cut the sides of your hair down to a number 2, leaving enough length on top to sweep to the side. For a more modern take on the dapper look, leave some hair towards the back unsecured.


# 5 Hard Part Side Roll

dapper haircut for men

Obtain a sleek, shiny look by rolling your hair to one side with a hard part. On the exposed side, go for an equally hard fade providing a clean appearance.


# 6 Looking Snappy

This look features a wide high parting that has been shaved right down on one side. The hair on the other side is texturized and finger combed to have some height.


# 7 Wide Parting

Here we see a well-faded undercut on one side with combed locks on the other. The parting you see here is called a “hard parting” and it’s created using a razor. It helps to draw attention to the meticulous cut.


# 8 Vintage Hair

This is a neat do that is perfect for any occasion and it has a vintage flair. It features a side parting and well-blended razor cut. The longer hair has been neatly combed and has a little lift in the pompadour style.


# 9 Dressy Dapper Look

The little bit of curl in this look gives it that definite well-groomed feel. The top hair draws our attention and looks great against that razor cut and hard parting.


# 10 Smart Styling

In this 1940’s inspired cut we see a wave texture over the forehead with the hair neatly combed, while on the other side the hair is cut super short next to a high parting.


# 11 Clean Cut

In this picture, we see that the hair has been shaved clean above the ears and around the nape of the neck. The rest of his locks have been parted and cut to a uniform length before being precisely combed back.


# 12 Doing Dapper All Day

These straight cut lines enhance the clean look of this style. The side has been kept shaved and the hair across from the parting has been combed back with some curls in the texture.


# 13 Electric Blue Pompadour

The bright blue color used here creates an interesting dynamic; vintage hair in modern color. This look has loads of height in front and has been styled to lean forward slightly. Notice the carefully graded undercut and the way that the color fades out as well.


# 14 Groomed Taper

This dapper style has a crisp undercut that gently tapers off until the sides and nape are only covered in a thin layer of hair. The hair opposite the undercut is long and brushed back off the forehead.


# 15 Stylishly Slick

There doesn’t appear to be a hair out of place in this sleek style. Once again we see the popular faded undercut and the hair is slicked back. Pomade can be used to improve slick looks and doesn’t leave the locks dry.


# 16 Post Vintage

This style is slightly messier than the usual dapper style; the longer hair was styled to have plenty of lift and lie in waves. The other side is super neat with a long side parting that runs to the crown.


# 17 Skin and Scissors

This hair was precisely snipped and a scissor cut technique was used to create texture. The tapered long to short sides and back that you see here is called a “skin or razor fade.”


# 18 Get Up and Go

This style is not only easy to maintain and handsome looking but it is also trendy. Here the hair is quite short on one side with an undercut on the other side. They are separated by a hard parting.


# 19 Boldly Blended

This look is wonderfully spruce – don’t you love the way the edges of the hairstyle were blended in with his facial hair? Also, notice how round shapes have been carried into the style and the slight lift on the forehead.


# 20 Sharp Look

To the one side of the wide parting, the hair has been sheared short and then there is a thick layer of bare skin. To the other side, the hair has been brushed up high and styled to be spiky.


# 21 Front Flipped

In this picture, we can see that the long portion of hair has been styled to the side and allowed to hang from the face with a soft curl. The other side neatly tapers towards the back and creates an interesting contrast.


# 22 Blended Side

Instead of the undercut being graded from the top downward, this style sees the hair beginning short at the temples and then tapering thicker at the back. The hair has been neatly combed up and away from the hard parting.


# 23 New Dapper

Here we see a bold side parting, with a skin fade on the left-hand side and a buzz cut on the other side. It’s an interesting, modern take on the dapper look.


# 24 Neatly Retro

In this picture we see that the short side of the hairstyle has been combed down and the opposite side is also combed roughly with a small rise just above the forehead.


# 25 Swept Forward

The locks on the right-hand side are quite long and they have been styled forward to brush against the brow. The left side features a skin fade next to a well-defined parting.


# 26 Super Spruce

In this hairstyle, we see that a hard parting has been created however it is quite short. Behind the parting the hair has been tapered shorter, ending with a clean cut layer.


# 27 High Fashion, Low Maintenance

The razor fade cuts, like the one we see here, have the added advantage of being quite professional looking as well as low maintenance.


# 28 Weaved Texture

Here you’ll notice that the sideburn and temple areas have been trimmed to have a squared off shape. We love the lift created by the voluminous fold over do on the other side.


# 29 Fine Comb

In this dapper hairstyle, the hair has been slicked back and combed very finely. This is what makes this look seem so distinguished.


# 30 Platinum Dapper

Here we see two high partings on either side with an undercut beneath each of them. The hair in the middle of the head is longer and has been combed neatly back. Notice the contrast created by the platinum color on this vintage style.


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Idea # 49


Idea # 50


Idea # 51


Idea # 52


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Idea # 54


Idea # 55


If you want a look that goes from work to play and from daytime to evening; this is it: the dapper haircut. It’s a neat look that can look informal or worn slicked back for a classic style and it’s a trend everyone should get in on.

You’ll love the pristine feel of this style and the attention it attracts too!