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55 Sophisticated Gentleman’s Haircuts – Dare To Be Dashing

Most men strive to behave like gentlemen; to be well mannered, courteous and treat others in a polite and virtuous way. They want their style to reflect the kind of person that they are – enter the gentleman’s haircut.

A gentleman’s haircut is one that looks neat, slick and generally uncomplicated; never messy or untidy. These cuts usually follow the dandy or pompadour fashion, but with the right styling they can be individualised as well.

It’s all about having clean lines and subdued cuts that are trendy without being over the top. Let’s look at a few dashing examples:

# 1 Dandy Comb Back

Here the locks have been separated with a high parting with the right-hand side hair slicked back. On the left the hair has been combed up and back, creating a slight lift.


# 2 Moving Forward

In this hip style, the hair has been given a graded undercut on the sides that gradually blends away to a layer of bare skin. The top portion of hair has been roughly finger-combed forward.


# 3 Young Gentleman

From this angle, we can clearly see the smooth transition created by a razor fade. The longer hair in the front has been parted at an angle and gently texturised.


# 4 The Refined Step

In this retro 80’s look the hair has been cut into shorter layers towards the back so that the front is longest. The hair has been blow-dried and coiffed into shape.


# 5 Hair Of The Day

This hairstyle follows the pompadour fashion; having a lift of hair over the forehead. From the front, the hair gently becomes shorter to the back and sides.


# 6 Dashing Do

Slicked back styles are always dashing and this is no exception. Here his subtly highlighted locks have been brushed up and back, but given a little volume in the front.


# 7 Mr Style

In this take on the mushroom cut, we can see that there is an undercut under the longer hair on top. This hair has been feathered to have lovely texturised edges.


# 8 Polished Pompadour

Sharp lines are what makes this style so handsome, especially when combined with that super neat stubble beard. This cut is a skin fade which leaves the front section long and brushed up high.


# 9 Ready For Romance

Here, Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones) shows off a gentlemanly haircut – there is plenty of volume and the hair has a soft look with gentle curls. It’s definitely a romantic style.


# 10 Flat Fashion

For the refined man, a simple crew cut can also be appealing. In this example, the hair is clipped short in the middle, with a flattop, and even shorter on the sides.


# 11 Sauvé Brush Over

Josh Harnett has captured hearts since Pearl Harbor and in this style he’s sure to catch some more! These super straight locks have an off-center parting and a sexy brush over.


# 12 Rock Renaissance

Throwback 50’s styles, influenced by the advent of rock and roll, are hot once more. This look has a pushed up front portion while the hair from the crown and temples has been slicked back.


# 14 Voluminous Waves

This reserved hairstyle includes tons of volume with a slight wave on the top and on the back. The sides are long but combed back with a help of wax.


# 14 Beach Date

When you’ve got such gorgeous blonde colour you definitely wouldn’t want your hair too short! This hair has been given a textured scissor cut in the front with shorter combed down locks at the back. It’s been straightened and given a high side parting.


# 15 Fashion Connoisseur

In this picture, the hair in the full beard is the same as the length of hair in the undercut. The top portion is long, loose and tousled back for a dandy look.


# 16 Light Knight

This look features a dark coloured beard that contrasts the lighter locks on top. A high undercut has been performed and the hair has been coloured in a stark ash platinum blonde.


# 17 Trend Seeker

Here the hair has been slicked back from the temple outwards and a flip of hair has been allowed to fall forward. An amazing look for the trendy gent!


# 18 The X-Factor

Gary Barlow looks handsome and fresh in this popular gentleman’s hairstyle. We can see the hair has been finger combed up in front and that he has a dash of silver on the sides.


# 19 Prince of Hearts

Matthew McConaughey looks like the perfect gentleman in this medium length hairstyle. The wavy texture appears natural and his locks been gently combed back.


# 20 Fancy Man

At first glance, the hair appears to be all the same length, but the right-hand side is slightly shorter. The hair across from the hard parting has been smoothed to the left with some lift over the forehead.


# 21 Rocking Refined Style

Jamie Fox is wearing a simple skin fade hairstyle and sporting a bare layer above the ears. There are sharp lines shaved just above the forehead, giving his short do a smart, polished feel.


# 22 The Duke Of Detail

This hair has been expertly trimmed to have a smooth tapering off all along the sides and at the back. A high side parting runs to the crown and the hair has been styled in a pompadour fashion.


# 23 Monsieur

The main focus of this style is the scissor cut locks on top, texturized with finger combing. The sides are short and simple, and the hairstyle flows into the well-kept beard.


# 24 Valiant Vintage

It’s a dandy look with a modern twist! Instead of the hair been combed flat, it has been allowed to lift and hang slightly forward in front and has plenty of volume.


# 25 Distinguished Detail

The hard parting that we see here separates the long locks on the right from the precise skin face on the left. This is a very neat and put together style.


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Idea # 54


Idea # 55


As you have seen gentleman’s haircuts are suitable for any age; not just reserved for older men. Part of the appeal of this style is precision and uniformity so to pull this look off you must be prepared to maintain it.

While sleeked back styles and pompadour lifts are trendy you can also wear this look with texturized locks and even a little tousling. The bottom line is that is you want to be a gentleman you need a gentleman’s haircut!