85 Modern Hard Part Haircut Ideas – Choose Yours

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Men have almost unlimited choices when it comes to hard part haircut especially if they are getting their hair done by a professional. And as more and more designs continue to come into the market there are also some popular ways to enhance these hairstyles that are emerging, and top on the list is this hairdo. It is shaved using the razor. Although most people think that the solid line is a minor part of a haircut it is very crucial to the look and without it, the cut would seem very dull. And as more men discover the beauty of this hairstyle on their mane there are now more ways to cut it than any other time. The following 85 are perfect examples of how you can have it for yourself.

# 1 Disconnected Pomp

Disconnected Pomp

The disconnected pompadour is one of those styles that if you get it right will always make you stand out and will never go out of trend. In this particular hairstyle, it is enhanced by being given some hard lines on the close shaved sides. Unlike in many other styles, it is not a simple line that stretches from the forehead to the crown but it is instead an intrinsic pattern of many deep razor shaved contours.

# 2 Hipster Trim Pomp

Hipster Trim Pomp

This is a fantastic hairstyle that any man would love to wear, but it couldn’t have looked good without the parting line on the side. The hard line makes it possible to shape the hipster pompadour and also helps to create a distinction between the two levels of strands. Sweeping the hair in two different directions is also made possible by the contour.

# 3 Waves Part

Waves Part

The wavy mane is easy to style since it already looks gorgeous in its natural state but the part done on this style helps to make the waves look more stunning. The deep stripe on the side also helps to separate the waves from the faded sides and back.

# 4 Deep Part Crown Bun

Deep Part Crown Bun

The crown man bun is a unique idea that men who like keeping buns should try. However, instead of just pulling longer top hairs into a bun you can make the style more attractive with a line that goes around the crown hairs to separate them from the shorter hair below.

# 5 Part & Fade

Part & Fade

There are so many things in this haircut that look amazing but what will probably catch most people’s eye is the shaved line. The side part stretches from the forehead to the crown and it separates the high wavy top from faded sides. The contour is very detailed and this shows that it was done by a professional.

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