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75 Best Highlights on Dark Hair For Guys [2024]

Nowadays, highlights on dark hair cut across the board because they work for both ladies and men. As a man, you can have the best haircut, but the chances are that it will not be unique because other people also have it, but you can change this with some bright highlights.

And the good thing is that the options are endless when it comes to introducing color to your dark locks and below is a gallery of 75 different ideas that you can try out.

# 1 Scruffy Brunette Pompadour

This hairdo looks fabulous, and it entails tapering the sides and leaving a long and textured scruffy pompadour on the crown. And if you give the natural brunette some subtle brown streaks then you can be sure of a trendy appearance.


# 2 Wavy Chocolate Brown Faux Hawk

The undercut and fade on the sides help to create a beautiful pompadour. However, the wavy strands on the crown and their beautiful chocolate brown highlights are what make this a top notch headdress.


# 3 Sexy Gray White

There is nothing fancy about this hairdo except for its beautiful color. To replicate this look, you only need to leave some long locks on the crown and taper the sides before finishing with a gray-white dye job on the top.


# 4 Subtle Blonde Streaks

Although this hairdo has a beautiful upswept and wavy design on crown the introduction of the subtle blonde highlight adds some class to it. This color also helps to brighten up the naturally dark strands.


# 5 Relaxed Summer Locks

The messy layered and side swept look of this summer haircut is breathtaking and if you combine this with the beautiful honey brown highlight on the design you have a very classy gentleman look.


# 6 Long Windswept Bangs

Long sexy bangs with an amazing windswept side sweep would probably look good with any color, but the blend of the brown hues in this one makes the design look distinct.


# 7 Pony Pastel Hair

Bright pastel shades are not a preserve for ladies because they can still make a man look elegant. In this design blue, purple and green hues combine to give the slicked back and undercut strands a gorgeous shade that will make any man stand out.


# 8 Textured Clipper Cut

The texture of the short bangs on top is amazing, and if you add this to the fresh fade on the sides, you have a beautiful haircut. However, the introduction of the dark pink hue to the textured bangs takes the overall appearance a class higher.


# 9 Gorgeous Watermelon Hair

Pink, red and yellow hues combine to give this black hair a beautiful watermelon shade. The strands also have a lovely combover style that combines with this cute color to create a beautiful hairdo.


# 10 Silver Smoke

Silver is a beautiful shade that will also work for men. In this design, this delightful hue helps to make some long and messy brushed back bangs look magnificent.


# 11 Blunt Cut with Red Highlights

men's dark hair with highlights

Build your haircut using blunt layers and give the temple hair and the fringe more definition with some orange-red highlights that will amazingly suit your brown hai. Give them a try and tell us how it went!


# 12 Blonde Highlights on Wavy Hair

silver highlights on dark hair for men

When you have dark hair, blonde highlights are ideal for men who want a subtle color change in the hair department. You don’t need to apply the dye all over the head, just create some highlights, and you’ll see how gorgeous they will look.


# 13 Pink Purple Highlights for Men

pink highlights for men with dark hair

Who said short hair leaves you with just a few styling options? They are all so wrong because if you love colors, you can style the top hair however you like. Get a radical change and mix pink and purple highlights for an unforgettable look. Does this look dull to you?


# 14 Caramel Highlights for Men

blonde highlights on dark hair (4)

Are you blessed with thick hair? If the answer is yes, in this case, you can style some caramel highlights for the top hair or even get an ombre. The contrast between the bright hues and the dark-colored sides and beard will be breathtaking.


# 15 Dusty Pink Highlights

purple highlights style for men with dark hair (10)

If you need some color in your life, start with the hair. Create pink highlights on a short hairstyle with a long wavy top and no woman will be able to resist your charms.


# 16 Dark Red Highlight for Spiky Hair

men's dark hair with red highlights

This look is remarkably distinctive and not many guys out there have the boldness to do it. Create spiky hair and make blonde and dark red highlights that will beautifully blend. On sides, build razored circles for an outstanding presence.


# 17 Rainbow Highlights for Long Men’s Hair

men's long dark hair with highlights

Rainbow hair is a true fashion movement, and not only girls love to pull it off. If you are a confident man who is not afraid of a unique look, opt for metallic pink, green and blue shades to spice things up a little.


# 18 Blonde Highlight for Box Cut

dark hair with highlights for black men

Box cuts are back in trends and you can easily transform this retro haircut into a modern option. It’s so simple! All you have to do is highlight a thick strand of your hair with a blonde hair dye, and you’ll instantly upgrade it.


# 19 Pink Highlights for Mohawk

men's hair highlights on dark hair

When you want a look that really stands out, is nonconformist, and represents you, a mohawk is definitely the winner. Transform it into a statement with pink-red highlights for a memorable look.


# 20 Silver Ashy Blonde and Caramel Highlights

hair highlights idea for guys with dark hair

Asian men adore giving their black tresses some glow and you can obtain that with a short haircut and ash-blonde metallic and caramel highlights. Apply the brighter hues only for long top hair to achieve that mind-blowing effect.


# 21 Brushed Back and Layered Bangs

The neat cut on this hairdo creates some beautifully textured bangs on the crown with the sides faded. Apart from this the strands also have a lovely brushed back and layered styling that helps to add some detail to some very subtle brown highlights on the hair.


# 22 Lean and High with Texture

The height of the locks on the crown is amazing, and they also have a beautiful texture that makes them adorable. These strands also have a lovely golden blonde shade that makes them look exquisite.


#23 Funky Summer Blue

Guys can also have some fun with color, and this summer blue shade is a perfect example of this. Here the strands have a fantastic tapering on the sides and some feathered strands on the crown that you should give the beautiful blue dye job to create a perfect summer look.


# 24 Textured and Tapered Slick Back

The texture of the strands on the crown and the tapering on the sides are amazing. This hairdo also has a distinct slick back design that entails arranging the textured top bangs into a lovely pattern.

However, the chocolate brown highlight on these locks also makes them look fantastic.


# 25 Subtle Blonde on Layered Curls

This design demonstrates how a man can introduce some highlights to his hairdo without using too much color. It entails giving some layered curly locks some subtle blonde streaks to make them look fantastic.


# 26 Golden Blonde Comb Over

If the amazing fade on this design and the fancy pompadour comb over do not convince you to try it, then the highlights should.

They are beautiful golden blonde streaks that create an amazing contrast with the dark base color.


# 27 Oil Slick Balayage

The strands on the top section of this hairdo are hand painted, and this is one of the things that make them look beautiful.

They also have a perfect color choice that entails combining blue and purple to create a classic oil slick design.


# 28 Spiky Redhead

The neat spikes on this design are fantastic, and they combine with the beautiful fade on the sides to create a top notch headdress. These spikes also have some lovely red highlights that take their appearance a notch higher.


# 29 Sweet Brown Streaks on Dreads

Dreadlocks are quite elegant, but you can still flatter their appearance with a fancy cut and a beautiful dye job.

In this design, they have a fade on the sides and a few of them have a blonde dye, and this makes the dreads look extra cute.


# 30 The Wavy Brush Back

A simple brush back design is enough to make your wavy strands look adorable. However, this haircut takes things a little further with a fade on the sides and by introducing some brown highlights.


# 31 Super Cute Rainbow Hair

Multiple tones will also make a man look fresh and cute. This style combines various bright pastels to enhance the beauty of the fancy haircut and to brighten the overall appearance of the wearer.


# 32 Silver Gray Quiff

The quiff in this design has a very innovative cut with an elegant razor line on the side and a nice fade. However, the introduction of the silver gray highlights in the quiff is what makes this a fancy haircut.


# 33 Fresh Bronde Streaks

Adding some color to your hairstyle can transform it into something magnificent like this one. You also need to choose the hues carefully, but you can never go wrong with a blend of brown and blonde as they form a beautiful shade like this one.


# 34 Fashionable Colored and Upswept Front

Without the color, this design would be a typical long top with faded side hairdo. The introduction of the beautiful highlights and the upsweep of the strands at the front help to create an elegant hairstyle.


# 35 Wild Highlighted Curls

These curls do not have any trimming, and so they maintain their natural growth pattern, and this is what gives them their wild look. They also have some beautiful brown highlights that help to spice up their overall form.


# 36 Copper Brown and a Super Cute Slick Back

This fancy haircut maintains some cute bangs in the middle of the head that you should style with a simple layered brush back. They also have a beautiful copper brown tone at the front that adds to the beauty of the haircut.


# 37 Inspiring Blonde Streaks

The fancy cut on this style makes the blonde shade on top look more appealing. It is a simple taper fade but with an innovative layered styling from a center part.


# 38 Long Top Bangs with a Hint of Golden Copper

Men with long textured and voluminous strands should try this fantastic hairdo. It entails leaving some long locks on the crown and then giving them a hint of golden copper to make them dazzle before finishing by sweeping them to the side.


# 39 Dazzling Golden Green Faux Hawk

This funky hairdo starts with a smooth fade on the sides and by leaving some textured strands on the crown.

You should then give the long strands beautiful golden and green highlights and style by combing them over to the side.


# 40 V-Cut with Pink and Green Comb Over Bangs

The V-shape at the back of this hairdo is amazing, and it makes this design trendy. These strands also have a lovely zero fade and a fancy razor line at the back, but the pink and green combover bangs on the crown are the highlight of the hairstyle.


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Highlights on dark hair are a perfect idea for men who want to enhance their natural strands without having to do much.

Apart from this they also help to brighten the overall look, and there are also many colors that you can use to create a refined look. And so if you want to take your looks a notch higher you should try one or a few of the fashionable designs above.