65 Easy Highlights on Dark Hair Designs – Reveal the Colors

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# 6 Long Windswept Bangs

Long sexy bangs with an amazing windswept side sweep would probably look good with any color, but the blend of the brown hues in this one makes the design look distinct.

# 7 Pony Pastel Hair

Bright pastel shades are not a preserve for ladies because they can still make a man look elegant. In this design blue, purple and green hues combine to give the slicked back and undercut strands a gorgeous shade that will make any man stand out.

# 8 Textured Clipper Cut

The texture of the short bangs on top is amazing, and if you add this to the fresh fade on the sides, you have a beautiful haircut. However, the introduction of the dark pink hue to the textured bangs takes the overall appearance a class higher.

# 9 Gorgeous Watermelon Hair

Pink, red and yellow hues combine to give this black hair a beautiful watermelon shade. The strands also have a lovely combover style that combines with this cute color to create a beautiful hairdo.

# 10 Silver Smoke

Silver is a beautiful shade that will also work for men. In this design, this delightful hue helps to make some long and messy brushed back bangs look magnificent. 

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