70 Sexy Hairstyles For Men – Be Trendy in 2019

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# 6 Chilled and Slicked

Medium length hair looks much better when combed back at the top with the sides and back closely shaved or bald. For any slicked locks to look good, it is important to use a hair smoothening product to make it easy for the hair to be pushed back. This style looks particularly good on dark and voluminous mane because the slicking effect will be more visible and it is also easier for the style to hold in thick hair.

# 7 Messy Top with Some Movement

Messy hair is popular due to its simplicity and the fact that it can be worn with almost any type of it. This sexy style adds some twist to an already good looking messy hairstyle by adding some movement to their locks. Beside from the movement, the sides are also tapered to make sure that they are in tune with the attractive top section because a wrong cut on the back or sides can ruin a good hairstyle. This style is more suited for men with medium or thick hair and any face shape.

# 8 Natural Flow Back-Balded

Some men have very nice hair and so wearing a sexy style for them is almost effortless. This style is a good example of how easy it is to style natural mane that is voluminous and dense. For this style, all that a man needs to do is to smooth shave the sides and back while living a long top section. The long top hairs are then made to flow back in their natural pattern. You can use your hands to throw back the strands but if you want a more neat finish use a comb.

# 9 The Slightly Messy Front

A slightly messy front can add some style to a rather plain and simple haircut. In this cut, the hair is medium in length at the top while the sides and back are slightly trimmed with a scissor but some uniformity is maintained with the top hairs. The longer top is styled forward towards the forehead, and the tips of the top hairs that protrude to the forehead are messed up to complete the style.

# 10 It’s All About The Curls

Any good barber or hairstylist will always tell you that the best thing you can do for your hair is to work with its natural flow rather than try to force it into something different. And so men with curly locks will always look better when they base their hairstyles on their curls like in this amazing hairdo. Curly hair is very easy to style, and it also gives you plenty of options to choose from for a perfect look. In this style, the sides are shaved very short while the thick curly strands are maintained at the top. The top curly hairs already look good in their natural state and so a little styling and adding some texture will be all you need to complete this look.

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