80 Smart Hairstyles for Square Faces – The Best Looks to Try

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# 6 Fountains of Curls

Curly styles look handsome on square faces like we see here. The sides are razor cut and the locks have been teased to give height. Some strands have been brought forward and sit just on the brow.

# 7 Spruce Gold Locks

In this popular style, the hair is cut with a short back and short sides. The top hair, which in this case has a lovely golden shine, is brushed over the head and finger combed for texture.

# 8 Bowl Cut with a Twist

While mushroom cuts are still all the rage this hairstyle shows a cut with a little variation. The style has the regular components such as razor undercut and rounded top shape, however, the back has been left longer.

# 9 Fun Flipped Up Fringe

If you’re looking for an exciting look – you’ve found it. There is a subtle undercut just above the ears and the hair has been blown out. It’s then been styled up and forward, creating a striking do.

# 10 Wrapped Up Man Bun

In this picture we see a style that starts with a graded undercut, that extends up to a well-defined high parting. The hair on the top is quite long and has been tied up and twisted into a man bun. 

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