80 Elegant Hairstyles For Thick Hair – Trendy Highlights

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Thick hairs have both merits and demerits, and some men will find it tough to style this type of locks. However, any barber and hairstylist will tell you that having this sort of hair is a blessing as there are so many things you can do with it. Thick hair is very easy to style, and once you get a good cut, you will hardly spend five minutes on it when styling. The problem for most men comes in finding a good hairstyle for their mane. If you are such a man, then this list will be very helpful as it will provide you with 80 hairstyles for thick hair. The good thing is that from the 35 styles you can come up with even more variations, and so you will never have trouble finding the right hairstyle for your thick hair.

# 1 Short Elegant Curls

Curls look fabulous on any hair when styled correctly, but somehow they seem to work much better with thick hairs. Although most men with a thick and curly mane like to keep it medium length or long you can also look fantastic with a short and neat curly hair. In this style, the hair is shaved uniformly to one or one and a half inches then some product is used to make the curls more detailed and firm. A thin strip on the sides and back is then faded to finish this awesome look.

# 2 Neat Pomp with A Deep Sideline

This style is as neat as they get, and just by looking at it you will know that the barber put a lot of work into getting this cut right. However, it’s a pretty simple hairstyle that has been made more detailed with the broad line on the side and the neatly styled pomp at the top. The pomp looks particularly good because the thickness of the hair makes it hold in place better. Sides below the part line should be faded to complete this style.

# 3 Spiky Hawk with Bald Sides

Men are fascinated with spiky strands especially those that like to wear casual hairstyles and so this one will draw the attention of most men. In this cut, the medium length and spiky hairs are left on the middle part of the head while the sides near the Mohawk like center hair are closely shaved. However, as you move further from the spiky middle locks, the hairs are rapidly reduced to a bald level.

# 4 Extra High and Straight Top

This cut requires some skill, experience and a vision of the result to get it right as it involves very straight angles that are not easy to shave. The straight lines on the face and the extra high and straight top are what makes this cut more attractive. The barber must have spent many minutes to get it right. However, it might be tricky to maintain this cut because a lot of combing will be necessary each morning.

# 5 The Classy Man Look

It’s all about class in this hairstyle because everything from the side parting to how the mane is slicked-back is meant to give a man a touch of class. And to make sure that the classy look intended is achieved the hairstyle is paired with a nicely trimmed beard. To wear this style you should start with a medium size trimmed strands with a deep side part. You should then use a smoothening product on the top hair and slick them back. The locks below the baseline created by the side part should then be combed back. 

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