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The Ivy League haircut has been described in many ways, and it has also been given many names, but this style is simply an overgrown crew cut. This cut has been around for years, and it has always been associated with “gentlemen”, but nowadays anyone can wear it even if they do not consider themselves as such. The Princeton as it is also known as can be designed and made in a myriad of ways and this variety is what has led to the different variations of it. However, if you are thinking of wearing this magnificent haircut, the following are 50 brilliant ideas that you should try.

# 1 Classic Ivy League

This style is one of the earliest forms of the Ivy League, and it is perhaps what most people would associate with a look as it also happens to be the most common of all the variations. It involves a neatly trimmed hair that is equal in length throughout the head. Hair is short, but size is long enough for it to be swept to the side or to be styled into short curls. Classic Ivy League is best suited for round and oval face shape.

# 2 The Smart Guy Look

Smart guys are called so because they always find a way to steal the show with their appearance. What most people don’t know is that the main thing that gives them their smart looks is hair. The smart guy design that brings together the traditional Ivy League and a side part is an example of a hairstyle that can make a man stand out. In this cut, a longer top is maintained while sides and a back are shaved short. The high crown is then given a side part and then finished by being pushed to the side.

# 3 Short Spikes

Short Spikes


Spiky hair always looks good on men when done professionally and by an experienced stylist or barber. In this cut, pikes are maintained throughout the head and in uniform length. What makes them look particularly good is that the spikes are short, and they are very firm and shiny. The appearance of these short spikes proves that the choice of hair product plays a significant role in getting a great hairstyle.

# 4 Small Faux Hawk

Small Faux Hawk


You do not always have to overdo things to look good in a faux hawk and this design proves it beyond any doubt. The style maintains a short faux hawk in the middle of the head with the sides trimmed short. The wavy hair also makes the look more fantastic. But men who do not have a naturally wavy hair can achieve the same look with the use of hair products.

# 5 College Boy Waves

College Boy Waves


In college, you are free to do anything you wish with your hair as there are no strict regulations concerning it in many institutions. Boys with a wavy hair have many advantages when it comes to haircuts and styles as these types of hair is easier to work with than most other types. In this particular cut the wavy hair is given a minor side part then the crown strands are swept to one side. The rest of the waves are pushed back to finish an ordinary college boy look. 

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