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65 Best Men’s Short Haircuts for Round Faces in 2024

Short haircuts for round faces are available in abundance, and so it is very unfortunate when men with such face shapes have trouble finding a good cut.

The best thing about a round face is that it does not have any distinct lines and angles. It is also equal both in length and width and to choose the right cut you will only need to select the features that you would like to enhance.

And for this, you can have anything from some short spikes to a fancy comb over. The 65 haircuts below will give you some ideas on some easy designs that you can wear on your beautiful round face.

# 1 Cute Comb Over with Taper Fade

This cute cut is a fantastic design for a round face and it entails leaving some textured bangs on the top and giving the sides a taper fade. And to finish the look you only need to comb over the textured bangs on the crown.


# 2 Choppy Voluminous Bangs

An excellent cut on the locks on top is an easy but elegant headdress for your round face. You should also make the sides short and finish by sweeping back the bangs.


# 3 Textured Top with Medium Skin Tight Blend

The texture of the short locks on the crown is amazing, and it is what makes this a top notch haircut. This style also has a skin fade on the sides that gives the hairdo an excellent blend and to finish the look you should brush the textured locks frontwards.


# 4 Sleek Short Faded Pomp

Every gentleman with a short hair and a round face should try this fabulous headdress as it will make him stand out from the crowd.

The style entails leaving some smooth strands on the crown and styling them into a sleek pompadour before finishing with a nice fade on the sides.


# 5 Easy and Messy Quiff

This haircut is a unique take of the quiff because it does not have an up sweep like the others and it also has a messy look that makes it trendy. It is perfect for a round face because it brings a beautiful balance to the overall appearance.


# 6 Smooth Comb Over

A comb over works for any face shape, but it seems to give a round face a unique appearance. In this design, the strands on the crown are not only smooth but they also look very soft, and all you need to do is sweep them to one side to create a perfect comb-over look.


# 7 Neat and Tidy Fade Cut

The taper fade on the sides of this haircut is amazing, and it makes it look very fashionable. And with such perfection you only need some wavy stands on the crown to create a perfect cut for your round face.


# 8 Short and Thin Tapered Spikes

Spikes will give your strands an extra dimension, and you do not always have to make them long because short ones like these are still beautiful enough. And if you pair them with a smooth taper on the sides you will look exquisite.


# 9 Heavy Textured Crown with Zero Taper

Here is another haircut that shows the unmatched beauty that texture adds to your style. The strands on the crown have a dense texture and a front sweep that makes them look fantastic. And it you combine this with a zero taper on the sides then you can be sure of a refined look.


# 10 Fresh and Neat Buzz Cut

Contrary to what most people think, a buzz cut will also work for a round face. However, if you want to look this good you have to make it extra short and also give it a nice skin fade on the sides.


# 11 Slicked back and Layered Crown Locks

The feather light bangs on this design not only have a lovely texture, but they also have some beautiful waves and attractive styling that entails brushing them back in layers to create a perfect short hairdo for a round face.


# 12 Cool and Clean Guy Look

If you prefer to wear a fresh and neat gentleman cut, then you should try this one. You only have to chop the strands on the crown to less than an inch and then give the sides a clean fade.


# 13 Wavy Up and Side Sweep

Although this haircut has a lovely taper fade on the side, the first thing that most people will notice is the up and side sweep of the wavy strands on the crown because they give the round face an extra height.


# 14 Messy and Textured Line Up

The smooth taper on the sides and the perfect line up are the highlights of this cut. However, the messy crown bangs also help to spice up the overall appearance.


# 15 Classic Taper Pompadour

There are limitless variations of the pompadour, and this one is a fancy one that entails decreasing the sides and giving the strands on the crown a simple side sweep to create a charming look.


# 16 Rockabilly Bangs with Skin Fade

Rockabilly haircuts will also work for men with round faces. This particular one entails leaving some long brushed back bangs on the crown and giving the design a smooth skin fade on the sides.


# 17 Simple Clipper Cut and Side Part

A clipper will always produce a beautiful haircut if it is in the hands of a barber with enough experience. In this style, it creates a pompadour like cut with some sleek and soft strands and a side part line.


# 18 Fashionable and Easy Taper Cut

This haircut is a product of the skillful use of the scissors and it entails leaving some wavy and slightly messy bangs on the crown and tapering the sides to make them appear shorter.


# 19 Sweet Short Haircut

Short haircuts for round faces come in many sizes and shapes, but the best ones are the ones that keep things simple as this one.

Here the design maintains some short bangs on the crown and a smooth fade on the sides, and you only need to finger comb the short bangs to finish the look.


# 20 The Blonde Gentleman

Blonde hair is ideal for any man who knows how to cut and style it. In this hairstyle, it has a simple side part and some smooth strands on the crown that you should finish with a slight side sweep.


# 21 Natural Afro Texture and Sharp Fade

This beautiful headdress will only work for African Americans due to their natural hair texture. All that they need to create this look is to give the sides a sharp fade and leave a neat afro textured hair on the crown.


# 22 Curly Top and Skin Fade

Curly hair can also give you a cute haircut if you have a round face. To create one like this you should maintain some front swept and textured curls on the crown and give the rest of the hair a tight skin fade.


#23 The Modern Caesar Fade

With a simple twist, you can also make the Caesar cut work for your round face. To do this, you will need to have a nice fade on the sides and give your traditional Caesar cut a simple line up to make it shorter and trendier.


# 24 Smooth and Sleek Graduation

The smooth graduation from the long strands on top to the tapered sides and back is fantastic. Apart from this the strands also have a lovely color and a neat side part.


# 25 Classy and Short Faded Haircut

This Will Smith haircut is an extra-short faded design that is also maintenance free. It is very elegant, and if you have a textured hair like his, then it is a perfect idea for your round face.


# 26 Scruffy and Tapered Hairdo

The scruffy look in this design helps to make a round face detailed. And if you also have a smooth taper design on the sides you will look magnificent.


# 27 Shadow Fade and Cute Curls

Shadow fading is trendy, and it is what makes this short haircut look stunning. However, the hairdo also has some lovely curls on the crown that also add some dimension to the overall look.


# 28 Dimensional Texture and Low Skin Fade

The dimensional locks on this design will impress any man and with such an amazing texture a moderate brush back is all the styling you need. This haircut also has a lovely taper and zero skin fade that makes it look exquisite.


# 29 Clean Side Swept and Tapered Locks

Distributing the long strands on the crown with a side sweep will give a round face a beautiful appearance. And to add some style to the haircut, you should also have a simple taper cut on the sides.


# 30 Cute Ombre Spikes

The short spikes may definitely look good on you. Just add an undercut and a bit light on top of your hair. The beard will be a finishing touch.


# 31 Spiky Faded Undercut

This hairstyle is a toned-down variation of the faux hawk and goes well when just sweeping your hair back won’t do it. The top fringe contrasts with the sharply faded sides. This short haircut is perfect for a round face especially if you want a “just jumped out of the bed” look. 


# 32 Messy Textured Undercut

If you have ash blonde hair and like textured casual hairstyles then this mid fade undercut is for you. It is a carefree style that you can easily maintain by slightly spiking it up just using your fingers. 


# 33 French Crop

Thinking of getting a simple sexy look? If yes, then go for a French Crop. To achieve this hairstyle, combine your top loose tufts with a tight skin fade. A little texture will go a long way. 


# 34 Go Mohawk

The Mohawk never gets old. Combine this edgy hairstyle with a drop fade that blends together with your hairline and beard. This timeless hairdo will surely give you a rugged masculine appearance. 


# 35 Crop Top with Beard

A full beard and round face combines beautifully with a French crop. The side taper blends softly into the beard. If you like a simple, no-fuss haircut then this style is easy for you to maintain. Just brush your fringe forward and you are good to go. 


# 36 Classic Laid Top

This hairstyle is a high fade at its best. It is a simple yet sophisticated hairstyle for a person who likes short hair. Ask your barber to keep your hair short on the crown and even shorter along the sides. An even front hairline makes this hairstyle one of a kind.


# 37 Highlighted Spiky Fringe

This minimal look has a higher skin fade that creates more focus towards your highlighted top. This casual textured brush-up can be styled messy or neat depending on your personal choice. The blonde highlights will definitely give you an eye-catching look. 


# 38 Balanced Ludacris Buzz

Round faces can also enjoy fewer volume hairstyles. This look is a perfect balance of a light beard and a classic straight buzz on the top. There is a high skin fade along the sides that will not go unnoticed and is perfect for summer.  


# 39 Classy Side Part

Your face will seem slimmer when your natural side part will be combed down into your high skin fade. The sides are neat taper faded that contrast the brushed out top. This hairstyle gives military vibes too.  


# 40 Subtle Side Brush

This short hairstyle will give a round-faced men an elegant look. The high fade gives a neat finish. You only need to side comb your hair to maintain this subtle hairstyle with a light beard. 


# 41 Military Cut

This is another haircut for you if you like to keep it minimalistic and simple. It is inspired by the military and is effortless to maintain. You can pair it up with a clean shave to get a rugged classic look.  


# 42 Angular Fringe

This style will give you a fresh smart look. It is a high and tight military-inspired short cut that gracefully complements the beard. If you like a skin fade and a short top then you can surely pull off this simple hairstyle.


# 43 Modern Short Crop with Beard

If you have light-colored hair then this is the look for you. It is well suited for thick-haired guys with rounder face and comes with a blunt front. The high fade accentuates the short fringe on the top of your head. A faded beard just completes this look. 


# 44 Classic High Fade

Another hairstyle that gives off army vibes. This short comb-over style comes with a high fade with long, thick volume hair on the top and a hard part giving you a versatile look. The classic side part contrasts beautifully with faded sides and shaved face. 


# 45 Wavy Ivy League

Your brown wavy textured hair will look eye-catching in an Ivy League hairdo. The midway skin fade will also give you a neat classy look. The wavy brushed up top with tapered faded sides will make your round face look refined. 


# 46 Sharp Skin Fade

If you dare to do something bold with your hair then you should definitely try out this sharp skin fade. The top is textured with contrasts dramatically with the sharp fade. Black hair with black heavy moustaches will give you an attention-grabbing look.


# 47 Skin Fade with Dyed Beard

Want to give off punk vibes? Then go for this skin faded short haircut that goes perfectly well with a round face. It is a low-maintenance style where the fade sets off the uniform-lined-up hair on top. A heavy ducktail beard and thick moustaches will further accentuate your look. 


#48 Thin Hard Part

Try out this retro look to stay on the classy side. The thin hard part gives you a fresh look. The blonde dyed puff  is brushed up sideways and the sharp high fade gives you a neat finish. This hairstyle is also great to show off your side tattoo. 


#49 Drown Down Pocky Strands

If you are a ginger head with a round face you should definitely try out this cool hairdo. This style is similar to a Caesar cut and the temple fade merges naturally with the beard. Simply brush your bangs forward and you are ready to go. 


#50 Intense Caesar Cut

This short hairdo is suitable for you if you want to go for a gangster look. This style takes no time to look perfect and is very easy to maintain. It gives you a sharp punk look and complements your heavy beard and piercings. 


#51 Brushed Up Choppy Top

This is a messy style that looks stylish on a round face. The faded sides slim down your face a bit and ascend to a loose, lively top fringe. It is a rugged style that just requires some finger-brushing and you are ready for the day.  


#52 Side Swept Subtle Top

This style is a simple short haircut. If you want a minimalistic look go for this side-swept neat top and tapered sides. The no parting high fade gives you a tidy look along with the clean shave.


#53 Short White Hair with Beard

Go for a black and white look with this contrasting hairstyle and a long stubble beard. It is a short hairstyle for men who like to keep it low maintenance. The uniformly faded sides create a beautiful balance between the top crop and beard. 


#54 Banged Crop Top

This French crop with a blunt banged front features a smooth fade on the sides and together with a beard and moustache it gives you an edgy retro look with a hipster vibe. 


#55 Simple Razored Part

This is your on-the-go look if you are looking for a modern yet retro hairdo. Combine the high-classy fade with a simple side-swept top with a hard part. The neat taper fade gives you an elegant formal look. A thick beard further sets off this hairstyle. 


#56 Faded Burr Cut

If you have a round face and want very short haircut that gives off soldierly vibes then this is the style for you. It is tapered along the sides and paired up with a sharp line up. With some little facial hair, you may even upgrade your look further. 


#57 Afro Curls

An Afro is always the best way to show off these thick curly locks of yours. The sides are clean and faded. The top has uniform thin curls. The cool combination of the line up and a little beard makes you further stand out from the crowd.


#58 High Bald Fade

While most haircuts are about the hair this particular one focuses on the expertly done bald fade. The top hair has a uniform length with a high fade. You need to remember that the beard balances out the hairstyle perfectly. This style is finished off with a sharp line up.


#59 Mini Brush Up

This hairstyle gives your round face a sleek look. The hair at the top is kept long and is side swept with a mini brush up at the front. The disconnected high fade adds a modern touch and makes this haircut stand out from others. 


#60 Disconnected Crew Cut

A crew cut suits a round face and gives you a mature look. The high skin fade gives you a neat look. This simple crew cut is highlighted by the small wavy line cut that gives it a visual appeal. This cut requires no styling at all.  


#61 Short Waves

Give your curls a tidy carefree look with this faded line up crew cut. All you need is a straight cut forehead, a combed texture, and your style is ready. This short cut makes waves stand out on guys with roundish faces. A short beard just sets off this look. 


#62 Drop Fade Undercut + Design

This hairstyle has a medium fade that takes all the attention towards the top consisting of a heavy even tuft. This updated classic hairstyle has a prominent straight front fringe. The texture of the beard matches the top which sets off this short minimal style for men with round faces. 


#63 Dyed Grizzly Top Drop

Dare to dye? This wavy spiky-dyed look is for you to stand out among all. It is a bold look with a textured wavy top and a clean taper. The well-kept similar textured beard matches the high fade and contrasts the top which just completes your fancy look.  


#64 Simple Crop with Beard

Last but not least among the best short haircuts for round-faced men comes this hairstyle which is a combination of French crop and crew cut. The thick top has a straight cut forehead with tapered sides and a faded beard. Just comb your strands forward and you are good to go. 


#65 Mid Faded Crew Cut

The ginger panache is all over this hairstyle. The beard equally plays an important role to complete this look and matches the top texture. The tidy line up and mid fade just complete your style. 


You should never lack ideas on what to try when it comes to short haircuts for round faces because there are many of them available. Go through the gallery above and choose one that conforms to your tastes and preferences.