50 Incredible Zayn Malik Haircut Styles – All His Favorite

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Are you fascinated with every other Zayn Malik haircut? If you love One Direction music then you would have been keen to notice one of the group members with stunning hairstyles. That is Zayn Malik and you may not already know what other looks he has in store for you. It is not you alone who likes it because many other people do and they would like to borrow a thing or two from this fashion icon. Here is a sample of 50 of his best cuts that will catch your eye and you may wish your barber treated you to such a look.

# 1 Spiky Front

Spiky Front


This is Zayn Malik haircut that is simple enough for you to have it too. The sides are mopped up together and combed forwards with the front top ending in bundled spikes. In one of the occasions, Malik is seen with this style taking lazy strolls whenever the group is not in action.

# 2 Classic Zayn Look

Classic Zayn Look


This is the kind of style that superstar has for most performances and for the red carpets. It is simple with a thick flat quiff on the top with the sides touched to give an impression of medium size hair. A single strand is dropped to one eye side but then curled towards the nose.

# 3 White Stripe

White Stripe


This look shows how a master of designs Malik is both professional and casually stylish man. His thick mop is supported by the side and forms a solid top which is made more exotic with the short white stripe at the front. He wears it in a casual outing and you can never fail to notice how sleek and smart he looks.

# 4 Wavy & Spiky

Malik’s top is one thing that you can never fail to notice but it is even more prominent when it is given an exaggeration on the top. The lower sides are trimmed to a lesser length but the back is not touched just like the top. It is a style that he pulled during one of the group’s performance in 2015.

# 5 Medium Curly

Medium Curly


While entering for One Direction’s performance, he had this medium curly top that was guarded from the sides by finely combed hair. The top is left with a flat impression but it is ‘spoiled’ with nice looking short curls. 

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