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55 New Hairstyles for Men – Join the 2024 Trend

New hairstyles are always coming up, but most men still prefer to maintain their usual ones but with a modern touch so as to keep up with the times. And so you should not expect to see many new hairstyles in 2024.

However, you will see many and fancier variations of some everyday haircuts such as the pompadour and Mohawk. Whether you prefer to breathe some new life to your usual designs or try something entirely new, this gallery will give you ideas on how to keep up with the men’s hair trends in 2024.


New Hairstyles for Men

Have you ever tried to choose the right hairstyles for men? Then you know that it is quite a big deal. Well, the men’s hairstyle should be easy to deal with — there are not too many people who would be happy to spend an hour or two to get the hair done in the morning!

On the other side, the new hairstyles for men should be more or less trendy and look nice. To make it easier for you to choose the haircut, we present a list of 55 best hairstyles for men.

#1 Punk Side Parted Pomp

Here is a modern take of the pompadour and all the design does is to introduce a hard side part and then finish it with a smooth fade on the sides to create a very trendy hairdo for a modern man.


#2 Wavy Blonde Brush Back with High Fade


#3 Upswept and Textured Bangs

Rather than just go with the traditional long top and faded sides this style entails up sweeping the bangs on the crown. It also has the usual fade on the sides, but its neatness and precision make it look quite distinct.


#4 Feathered Top Bangs


#5 Clipper Cut Pomp with Tapered Sides

The height on this pompadour is incredible, and it makes it look very classy. It has spiked hair on the crown, a natural part line and tapered design on the sides that make it look fantastic.


#6 Massive Waves


#7 Peaky Blinders Inspired Cut with Hard Side Part

Peaky Blinders have always been a source of inspiration for many things, but their hairstyles are one of the main ones.

And so if you are looking for something stylish for 2024 then you can try this one, and it entails leaving some short wavy and upswept bangs on the crown, giving them a side part and finishing with a taper fade on the sides.


#8 Messy Bangs with Tapered Sides


#9 Front Swept Curly Locks

This fancy haircut is ideal for men with natural curls, and it entails leaving some elaborate and textured curls on the crown and styling by sweeping them to the front. And to finish the look you only need to give the design a simple high fade on the sides.


#10 Choppy Wavy Strands and Sharp Fade


#11 Short, Layered and Faded

The amazing fade on this short haircut is the first thing that will catch most people’s attention because it is not only neat but it also looks very fashionable. However, this design also has a beautiful short hair on the crown with a very elegant layered styling.


#12 Skin Faded and Layered Fancy Pomp


#13 Elegant Side Swept Bangs

If you are looking for a new hairdo for 2024 that will make you stand out, then you can bet your money on this one.

It is a perfect cut for any man with medium or long hair, and it entails leaving some textured locks on the crown and tapering the sides and back. You should then finish the hairdo by sweeping the front bangs to the side from a natural part line.


#14 Cheeky Little Horizontal Fade


#15 Textured Locks with a Drop Fade

Although the size of the top locks and their texture is enough to make this a lovely haircut, if you want to keep up with the times you should not just leave the sides short. Instead, you should also have a beautiful drop fade like the one on this design as it will make the cut look modern.


#16 Curly V-Shape Cut


#17 Crop Cut with a Twist

This headdress is about giving a regular crop cut a twist to create a modern appearance. This twist comes from introducing a short and arched fringe at the front and also making the strands behind it messy before finishing with a fade on the sides.


#18 Voluminous and Textured Upswept Bangs


#19 Unique Wavy Crop Cut

Modern hairstyles are all about getting inventive and knowing how to spice up your regular cuts to create polished and trendy ones.

This particular one is a typical crop haircut, but an innovative blow drying technique gives it some lovely waves that make the hairstyle look distinct.


#20 Natural Wavy and Tapered Gray Hair


#21 Blondie Perfection

The blonde shade of the strands on the crown makes a huge difference to the style as it brightens the design and makes it look trendy. However, the hair also has a fantastic cut that entails creating a soft side part and tapering the strands on the sides.


#22 Overlap Smooth Pomp with Heavy Temple Fade


#23 Short Textured Messy Hair

If you want to wear this short and charming hairdo you have to get the texture right because it is what makes it stand out. Apart from this the short strands on the crown also have an inventive style that entails front sweeping them and making the bangs messy slightly.


#24 Chunky Crown Bangs with Tapered Sides


#25 Fascinating Slicked-Back Strands

Slicked back hairdos are as elegant as it can get, but this particular one looks trendier than most others.

It entails leaving some long textured strands on the crown that you should style by relaxing and brushing them to the back. And if you combine this with short faded sides you will look fabulous.


#26 Medium Size Afro with Side Part and Fade


#27 Sassy Blonde Bangs

This hair demonstrates the beautiful haircut that a pair of scissors in the hands of a skilled barber can create.

It involves leaving some short textured bangs on the top and tapering the rest of the hair to create a smooth finish on the sides. The design then ends by giving the long locks on top a blonde dye job and sweeping them to the front.


#28 Crop Up with Tapered Edges


#29 Natural Waves with Subtle Taper

Your barber will not need to use any guards to give you this fantastic hairdo because clipper and scissors are enough.

The aim of the style is to enhance the appearance of your voluminous and naturally wavy strands with a subtle taper on the sides and by blow-drying the longer hair on top.


#30 Organized Chaos and Skin Fade


#31 Cute Man Bun

A man bun is one of the hairstyles that you should expect to see more men trying out in 2024 than in previous years. Any man that can replicate this by maintaining some long strands on the crown and tying them into a cute bun/knot will be sure of a unique look.


#32 Adorable Side Sweep Roll


#33 Gorgeous Side Swept Bangs

The beauty of this haircut is in the styling because the cut is very moderate. And it only involves trimming the top slightly and giving the side a modest tapering. For styling, you should create a side part and use it to sweep the top locks sideways.


#34 Fine and Wavy Short Ginger Hair


#35 High and Tight

African American men have a fabulous hair texture, and it is what makes this hairdo possible to create. To form this design you should up sweep the textured strands and chop them to create a high and tight flat top before finishing with a fade on the short sides.


#36 Funky Spikes and Short Fringe


#37 Sleek Diagonal Sweep

New hairstyles for 2024 require a man to look more refined and polished and so this look will be perfect for you.

It entails leaving some extra-long locks on the crown, texturizing them and sweeping them diagonally to the sides. You should also have a side part and a simple tapering on the sides.


#38 The Textured Quiff


#39 Sweet Front Sweep Curls

Keeping hair natural and healthy is the way to go if you want a style that will give you a polished look. These sweet curls are a perfect example of this, and they make styling very easy because you only need to chop the sides short and style by sweeping them over the forehead.


#40 Tall Blow Dried Hair


#41 Super Cute V-Shape Cut

A fresh and cool design like this one will turn head everywhere you go, and it entails creating a V-shape at the back and making the sides bald. You should also maintain some messy curls on the crown and taper the rest of the strands.


#42 Cheeky Fade on a Modern Caesar Design


#43 Back Swept and Stacked Medium Hair

If you are among the few lucky men who have a healthy and full medium length hair, then you will not have to do much to create a refined look.

To create a design like this one you only need to give the strands some moderate trims for some uniformity and simply push them back in layers.


#44 Funky Tapered Slick Back


#45 Neatly Organized Waves

The cut on this design is the easy part because you only need some long locks on the crown and tapered sides. However, creating neat and organized waves will require some skill, but you should be able to figure it out after a few trial and errors.


#46 Classic Gentlemen Wavy Bangs


#47 Exquisite Waves and Taper Fade

Leaving some perfectly textured bangs in the crown is one thing and styling them is another. The styling is what sets this style apart from the rest, and it entails giving the top wavy bangs an innovative part and layering them inventively.

The design also has a lovely taper fade on the sides that helps to enhance the overall appearance.


#48 Well Groomed Blondie Locks


#49 Charming Undercut and Slicked Back Mohawk

The smoothness of the strands in this hairdo and their perfect dark tone are just some of the things that make it top-notch. It also has a lovely undercut and an inventive slick-back styling that create a charming Mohawk design.


#50 Smooth Brush Back Top and Skin Faded Sides


#51 Modern Bowl Cut Variation

A bowl cut may look a little outdated, but you can still have it and look trendy by giving it a modern touch. And to do this, you will need to make it taller at the top and also make the sides leaner and flatter than the traditional look.

To finish the design you should finger comb the strands to make them messy.


#52 Upscale Taper Cut with Layered Top Bangs


#53 Simple Elegance

You do not have to complicate anything to create a cute hairdo because keeping things straightforward and neat like in this cut will still make you look excellent.

Apart from the simple and elegant strands on the top, you will also need a smooth taper on the sides.


#54 Blow Waved and Faded


#55 Comb Over Crop Cut with Razored Line

It is hard to say no to a fancy haircut like this one, and this is more so if you want to look fashionable. It entails leaving a small textured hair on the crown and combing it over to one side.

You should then create a razor line to form a disconnection between the top and the faded sides.

Men are always looking for new hairdos that will help them look fashionable. And so if you are looking out for new hairstyles for 2024 that will help you keep up with the times you should try one of the 55 styles above.

But, always make sure that you go with something suitable for your length and hair type.