90 Upscale Men’s 2018 Hairstyles – Find Your Style Here

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# 6 Neat and Elegant Quiff

6 Neat and Elegant Quiff


Quiffs can also make excellent men’s 2016 hairstyles, and you only need to figure out how to give yours a distinct look. To make one like this, you should have a taper fade on the sides and a couple of inches of hair at the top. You should then finish by styling the hairs on the crown into a short and neat quiff.

# 7 High and Tight Afro

An afro hairdo should not always be thick and fluffed out because you can still make a high and tight one like this. And if you also give it a nice fade on the sides then you can be sure of a refined and upscale appearance.

# 8 Feathered Locks with Undercut

If you have a lovely soft and dark toned hair, this is the best hairstyle for you. It entails leaving some long feathered locks on the crown and giving the sides and back a faded undercut. You should then finish the style by giving the feathered locks a comb over and brush back over the undercut.

# 9 Shiny Short Strands with Slight Side Sweep

Length does not always matter when it comes to trendy hairstyles for 2016. This design maintains only a couple of inches of hair, but the styling makes it look extra cute. The style uses some pomade to give the short strands a sleek and shiny appearance, and you should design with a slight lift at the front and side sweep.

# 10 Cool and Messy

This style is perfect for men who prefer to maintain some length throughout the head. It entails tapering a small section at the back and leaving some long locks throughout the head. You should then finish the look by creating some messy layers.

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